2007 men Spring summer collection

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  1. hi guys,

    I saw 2 bags from the upcoming SS 07 men collection at the Paris store, one very small messanger bag (as small as the OLAV PM) and his "big brother" from the runway show.

    2 colors were available, a yellow brown and a grey brown, the colors were very rich, the leather is glossy and oily and the details are amazing (stripped lining, gold "inventeur" plaque inside the bag and the zipper pull were like indian artwork, the LOUIS VUITTON logo is perforated on the front like the holiday gift tag placed currently on the LV gift wrapped purchases.

    the small one was 900 euros (around 1300$) and the big one (like the picture) was 1600 euros (around 2100$).

    Very nice and high end items but the small one was too small for me and the big one too big and not in my price range.


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  2. was it sorta like balenciaga leather?

    i really want to save for one of these...but sometimes i think balenciaga leather feels really cheap.
  3. i think the leather is more heavy and cleaner than the balenciaga bag, the touch is very rich and oily.
  4. I saw these bags at the boutique the other day. They aren't bad, but they are pretty boring. They are shaped EXACTLY like the Monogram Laser bags from several seasons ago. Instead now there is a subtle perforated LOUIS VUITTON logo on the corner. It comes in a darker, cooler brown and a more warm, orange brown. Price ranges from $1400 for a small reporter bag to $2800 for an overnight bag.
  5. Yup, saw these 2 bags too at the store. To me they remind me of the Nomade leather, i.e. VERY easily SCRATCHABLE!! They are very safe designs, i.e. the normal NIL, REPORTER bags with a shoulder strap. The only thing nice about them were the details throughout the zipper line and the rich thick leather. Not itchin' for it though. :smile:
  6. my SA showed me pictures of these in November thinking i'd be interested. they're not bad, and they do remind me of my MonoLaser Clarkson. but just like mercx5 said, i ain't itchin'.
  7. I'm only a fan of these sunglasses so far:

  8. I like those sunglasses and those shoes!

    i still wanna see the bags IRL too!
  9. Yep, saw it on your blog and yes the design is very similar.

    i was realy on the fence between the Naviglio and the new mini brown bag but it was way to small to carry my everyday need.

  10. between those two bags, the Naviglio is the better choice. i took my Naviglio with me the last i went overseas.... the pickpockets on the Parisian Metro didn't stand a chance :P
  11. I only have a craving for this white bag, you guys have any idea how much will it cost?:graucho:
  12. ^^^^^ Taking a wild guess here... $1,850? :shrugs:
  13. [​IMG]
    hmm it has the shape of the reporter so it would be twice the price as it is a runway pice so i'll say $1650, fingers crosed...
  14. PIC? I want to see this olav size bag, price is not bad as for runway bag.
  15. Dude, you are amazing, yeah it's that price. But white isn't avaliable. It is only in a cool brown (a light version of the Suhali brown?) and a warm brown (sort of like nomade).