2007 Lace speedy????

  1. I have tried to see what the lace speedy looks like from PF pictures, but it is too hard. I was under the impression that this was a white lace overlay which might look cute but now I see people calling it the "metallic lace speedy" which comes in two colors. Does this mean it is metallic lace colored (UGH)...that sounds so tacky to me. Not too impressed with what I have seen for 2007 except the Damier Azur speedy and the Sophie.
    Does anyone have information on what the lace Speedy will actually look like?:idea:
  2. The picture on the forum is a bit blurry, saw the bag in the look book and I love it, this collection is also called the monogram dentelle!

    Here are clearer pictures, not of the speedy though, sorry!
    00200m.jpg 00210m.jpg
  3. I saw this at the 5th ave store last night. My SA called me to come in and look at all the new S/S 07 bags. I only saw the white color lace and its not an overlay. It has a slight metallic look to it, but it not overly shiny. The lace is embroidered on so it's not a screenprint or an overlay. Which is good since it doesn't seem like it will come off easily.
  4. Anyone know who much these bags are selling for? Are they available now?
  5. The look book says the Dentelle Speedy 30 is 1260 USD ....i presume that's without tax.
  6. The runway pieces will be out next month and are one shot only, as for the others, they will be available in March!

    My pictures are too large so I have to make them smaller in order to post.
  7. Just to add: I think the others that will come out in March will still also be one shot only and seasonal. I can 't wait to get back to go back to work tomorrow as my boutique is only 5 minutes from where I work and I definitely wanna get on the list for the silver dentille speedy!
  8. Thanks, forgot to mention this.
  9. Def. wait list now if you think you want it.
  10. ^ They're already opening up a waitlist for this items already.
  11. YES! :devil: