2007 in review.. Post your 2007 purchases!!!

  1. Did we ever do a thread of everything we purchased just in 2007?

    BC I really think we should!

    I can start.. but I'll have to add a photo later!

    *Medium Carly in Sig/Gold
    *Chelsea Vintage Leather Satchel in Mineral
    *Bordeaux Miranda
    *Clay Legacy Shoulder Bag
    *Clay Framed Wallet
    *Natural Mandy
    *Skull Keyfob
    *Apple Keyfob
    *Hamptons Wallet in Signature
    *Tattersall Agenda
    *Black Carly Demi

    ~I think that's it... :s SCARY!
  2. large soho flap (khaki/brown)
    small black leather chelsea hobo (outlet purchase- gift from rents)
    black sig hamptons swingpack
    black sig medium carly
  3. This is a fun thread! I don't have any picures right now, I'll have to take some later. I bought:

    khaki/saddle Carly Demi
    black medium Sig Ergo hobo
    plum Belted Ergo Magazine Tote
    Watercolor Wristlet
    Hamptons Optic Mini Skinny
    Tortoise Keyfob
  4. I dont have any pics yet, but once my Heritage tote gets here I will be taking some of the whole gang!

    Small soho flap (white/khaki)
    Khaki sig hampton’s swingpack
    Canvas Large Carly in Natural/Cognac
    Hampton’s Sig Small Round Hobo (chestnut/khaki)
    Medium Pink Heritage Tote with matching wristlet (Was ordered in 2007 and should be arriving today!!)
    Leather lunch tote (I believe is the name) (black)
    Clay Legacy Turnlock Wallet
    Various wristlets from the outlet!
  5. Whiskey Ali
    Large Chocolate sig Carly
    Large Black sig Carly
    frog keyfob
    letter A charm keyfob
    lion keyfob
    denim sig strip mini skinny
  6. Oy vey, I started making my list and I couldn't believe how much stuff I purchased this year! Should we include stuff we purchased and then returned and/or purchased and sold on eBay...I did that with a couple of bags. or just stuff we purchased and kept? this is a fun thread!
  7. I just started in July...
    Medium Ergo Hobo in khaki/mahogany
    Chelsea Leather Mini Skinny in tobacco
    Legacy Handbag Charm (used on my keys)
    Chelsea Leather Multi-Function wallet in parchment
    Sig Stripe Tote in brown/bronze
    Apple Keyfob
    Coach perfume purse spray
    Holiday Patchwork Wristlet
    Tattersall Keyfob/Pouch
    Large Carly in khaki/black
    Penguin Keyfob
    Tattersall Scarf (gift)
    Hamptons Carryall in khaki/lilac

    *phew* :wtf:

    Oh, I also got a 6x8 planner for a steal on LiveJournal and I bought a Sig Stripe Cosmetic Case but I returned it.
  8. oh my god, this is awful! :shame:

    Things I purchased and kept:

    whiskey Mandy
    black leather '06 legacy satchel
    bordeaux Miranda
    XL whiskey Lily
    medium black Lily
    whiskey Ali
    camel large ergo hobo
    signature stripe beauty case
    signature stripe mini skinny
    navy wool fisherman's hat
    ladie ballet flats in black
    legacy stripe turnlock keyfob
    Daphne bracelet
    Maxene boots in Clay
    Legacy Stripe 4x7 planner
    Sofia Sunglasses in black
    L charm
    W charm
    Large bottle of Perfume

    Things I purchased and sold on eBay:

    khaki Black signature Ali
    natural legacy slim tote
    Legacy stripe picture frame keyfob
    Large Carly in khaki/black signature
    Chelsea leather wristlet in mineral

    Things I purchased and returned:
    legacy stripe ladie ballet flats
    nailhead bracelet
    Gigi in clay
    Leigh in camel (returned for the Leigh in Raisin which I also returned)
    Leigh in Raisin
    Signature Stripe shoulder tote
    Signature Stripe wristlet

    I feel like I'm missing something....
  9. for 2007
    punch cosmetic case.
    December alone
    sunglass case
    skinny mini
    2 watermelon charm
    tucan charm
    brass script keyfob
    ergo wallet
    scribble tote
    treo case
    passport cover
    card case
    2 flower charms
    punch cosmetic case.
  10. All of my purchases were in just the last two months of 2007!

    Medium Black Signature Carly - boutique
    Medium Leather Bleecker Duffle (ink blue) - Macy's w/ F&F coupon
    Whiskey Leather Ali - outlet
    Black Leather Ali - outlet
    "C" Charm - eBay
    Gold Studded Heart Keyfob - ebay
    Legacy Striped Metal Heart Keyfob - ebay
    Bleecker Signature Compact Clutch (khaki/coal) - ebay
    Black Peony Sunglasses - Von Maur

    Okay...seeing this list, I realize I need to take a break! :nuts:
  11. Coach:
    lilac patchwork umbrella
    silver/white lanyard for work id
    scribble small tote
    scribble wristlet
    Charlee Sunglasses White with multicolored c's
    signature chocolate carly medium
    gold valari signature flats
    signature chelsea braided small flap chocolate (returned)
    fabric cleaner
    black leather wristlet (for mom's b-day)
    coach leather black belt (for boyfriend)
  12. Oooh, I'm the first with pics!!!

  13. More:

  14. More:


    Last 2 are Xmas presents from hubby's family. Not pictured my stiched flap hobo and my Lexi sunglasses. Man!! TPF is bad for my pocket...
  15. Limited edition black leather pleated hobo (a steal from the outlet!)
    Whiskey Mandy (outlet)
    White Ali (outlet)
    Hamptons mini skinny in khaki/rose