2007 Fall Ocean City Bag

  1. I am LOVING the new Ocean city bag. Can anyone tell me where I find this bag REAL online? I'm not a fan of the silver/gold hardware. I like the natural look of the bag better.
  2. Here you go!


    Balenciaga doesn't allow its products to be sold online. However, Diabro somehow gets away with it. It is the only retailer of new (real) Bbags that shows pics online. You can always order from BalNY or one of the authorized retailers over the phone, though.
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  4. Diabro gets away with it because they are a third party reseller...they don't get their merchandise direct from Balenciaga.

    Also, they aren't the only retailer of new real bbags online...but the only one with non-inflated prices. The other two online/new bbag retailers are styledrops.com and raffaello-network.com.

    Oh, also bluefly.com ... but they are much more hit-and-miss as to what they have in stock.
  5. I forgot overstock.com ... they are also hit-and-miss, like Bluefly.