2007 F/W and LE Collection

  1. This is a picture only reference to highlight the colors from the 2007 Fall/Winter and Limited Editions Balenciaga Collection. This collection offers giant raised silver, gold and gunmetal hardware, and also the traditional raised brass hardware. This collection tag designation is "U".
  2. DSC01213.JPG NMBag002.jpg
  3. 2007 Jaune Hobo
    2007 Jaune Step
    DSC02044.JPG DSC02078.JPG
  4. 2007 Pine First
    2007 Pine City with Giant Gold Hardware
    DSC02035.JPG DSC02034.JPG
  5. 2007 Violet First
    2007 Violet Twiggy
    DSC02037.JPG 100_2611.jpg
  6. 2007 LE Magenta City with Giant Silver Hardware
    2007 LE Magenta City with Giant Gold Hardware
    lemagentasghcitymm4.jpg IMG_1657.JPG IMG_1658.JPG
  7. 2007 Jaune RH City
  8. Violet RH Work
  9. 2007 Violet Twiggy
  10. 2007 Juane Twiggy

  11. I got my hands on the marigold Balenciaga somilar to pictures above. It's very similar to limited edition color however it has rose gold hardware. When did they start rose gold hardware?