2007 Cruise Reissues vs 2005/6 Reissues

  1. Ok, am I right in saying 2005/2006 reissues came in a distressed leather, whereas the new ones coming out for the Cruise collection will be in patent only?

    I'm not a fan of patent, should i buy a reissue now if i can find one???

  2. I know that Saks has reissues right now -- in burgundy and black.
  3. I heard some of the new one's will be coming out in distressed patent leather. I'm sure some one else has more information.
  4. Everything is in distressed patent or metallic distressed patent... if it isn't your thing.. def. go for the 06 models
  5. Were there any at the trunk show? Did you like them?
  6. i can't pictured how the distressed patent look......and can you see fingerprints on the distressed patent?? On normal patent I hate seeing the fingerprints!