2007 Cruise Collection.pleaty w/charms

Jun 5, 2006

I have to say that I had the denim pleaty in my hands on Sat. and I really, really loved it. The bag has 8 or 9 charms hanging from the bag!! it's adorable. It's very limited and I think I want it!!! Is anyone else in love with this bag?
it's expensive I think for denim........ 2800$CAD and my SA said it's supposed to be for special occasions and not an everyday bag.....well I don't party everyday...... besides, prom was lonnnnnnng gone lol
I love it. :drool: I tried it on & think it's an awesome little bag. :nuts: I would have bought it, if I hadn't gotten the Miroir speedy(on it's way) :graucho: . I don't think it's received much attention on tPF. The charms are beautiful, like jewelry. I have another limited bag on it's way. If I don't love it :heart: , I'll exchange it for the mini pleaty/charms.
I saw it and it was very pretty. it is very loud though---meaning the charms make a lot of noise when you walk around b-cuz there are so many of them.

I am hoping to get the Cabas Raye GM from the cruise collection.

All of their denim bags are pricey, but I can justify it better by getting a big bag that I could pack lots of stuff in. The pleaty is too small for me but its soo cute