2007 Croc Pricing (2008 starts pg 6)

  1. Can those of you who know, post some current prices on croc pieces. If you have more things to add that is fine as well. I just felt this always comes up and it would be a great reference point. I will try and then compile it all on one post.

    28 Kelly
    32 Kelly
    Kelly Pochette
    Kelly Longue
    30 Birkin
    35 Birkin
    40 Birkin
    27 Bolide
    31 Bolide
    Plume Elan
  2. 30cm shiny porosus croc birkin >> approx. USD33,000 (Singapore)
  3. 35 birkin - b/w US$28,000-32,000, depending on whether skin is niloticus or porosus, respectively

    (Good thread, KB!)
  4. Can we add to the list also 40 Birkin in porosus? Would love to know the actual price.
  5. can we also add the kelly pouchette? (i want the one in mrs.s's avitar - drool) and the kelly longue?
  6. ^^Great thread KB!:tup:

    Could we pls add 25 Kellys as well?
  7. 28cm Porosus Croc Kelly $18,000.00US
    ( Special Order)
  8. In Sept., I got my 35cm porosus croc for US$30,600 (before tax) from an U.S. boutique.

    KB- Maybe you want to add what country the quotes are from. It would account for why mrssparkles' 30cm porosus is more expensive than my 35cm porosus.
  9. 25 Kelly
    28 Kelly- $18,000 USD (glazed, rigide)
    32 Kelly
    Kelly Pochette
    Kelly Longue
    JPG kelly mini / clutch / pochette - in matte nilo croc: US$9250
    30 Birkin-
    $33,000 USD porosus (Singapore)
    35 Birkin-
    $28-$32,000 USD depending nilo/porosus ; $30,600 USD (before tax) in U.S. H Boutique; Paris euro 22.500 that in dollars are $ 31.000 ca. (porosus)
    40 Birkin
    27 Bolide
    31 Bolide
    Plume Elan
  10. Thanks Kb!!^^

    And for those quoting prices, it would be helpful to also specify whether it is matte or glazed as there is a difference in price between the two.:flowers:
  11. JPG kelly mini / clutch / pochette*, in matte nilo croc: US$9250

    Didn't know where else on the board to post this little side note, KB, so I'll just put it here:

    * I don't know what a 'pouchette' is, but on this board it seems to be a common misspelling of 'pochette', which has two meanings in French:

    (1) clutch type of handbag, or

    (2) pocket handkerchief - these pocket scarves are referred to at (French) H boutiques as 'les gavroches'.
  12. My quote is from a US store and it will be glazed and rigide.
  13. Great thread, I am trying hard to save up for a croc bag, and this thread is def useful.
  14. Hi , a 35cm black crocodille porosus is priced at Hermes in Paris euro 22.500 that in dollars are $ 31.000 ca.
    the price is from my trip of the 25th of september.
    P.S.the beautiful birkin 35cm blue in croc with diamonds exhibited in the st.honore' Hermes shop goes at euro 144.000
    $ 196.000....
  15. Wow! It looks like it may be slightly cheaper to buy croc in the US!