2007 Coach Tie Dye?

  1. Does anyone know if there will be a tie dye collection this year?
  2. I personally haven't heard or seen pics...
  3. There will not be to my knowledge! It really did not sell at all last summer, it was a bummer.
  4. awww... I really like it. I was hoping for new colors this year.
  5. what did the tie die look like?
  6. I got this bag last year. It also came in white.
  7. What, no new tie dye? :sad: bummer!

    Here's my only tie dye bag.

    Superstar - Yours is pretty! I might have to find one on eBay! See what this forum does to us! :nogood:

  8. Really Cute!!!! I would buy it in a heartbeat:yes:
  9. I really liked it! I was planning on buying one last summer but I didn't like how stiff the material was. They were super cute though.
  10. I thought the same about the fabric being stiff. I've only used mine for a few days and it's already softened up quite a bit...like a regular hobo.
  11. [​IMG]

    I think that was from like... 2005? Not sure. Still haven't used it. HAHA
  12. ^^ CoachKatie that satchel is TDF!!!! :drool:

  13. If after a while you find that you still haven't used it, I'm sure I could find a good home for it.....:graucho:
  14. Haha! Kallison has been drooling over it for MONTHS. I can't get myself to let it go though. *Sigh* LOL!!
  15. Hehe, thanks!