2007 coach purchases

  1. it's 2007 already here. and will be soon for most of you, if not already.

    so...it's time to spill on your coach purchaes of 2007, since i know many of you are starting soon! :graucho:
  2. Legacy shoulder bag in pond! And a wristlet to match! (I think I've said it now a dozen times on a dozen other threads...) I guess that means I have to keep my word, right?? Should I purchase it right after midnight?

    Happy New Year!
  3. yes! purchase at 12:01!!!
  4. I am going to limit my 2007 purchases to the outlets. I will be going back to Hilton Head, SC the first week in April, and I now have a son in college in Charlotte, so I will definitely stop at the Coach outlet in Gaffney, SC. 2007 is the year I intend to really get my finances in check, but the outlets will afford me the opportunity to indulge. But I am the type who will not buy, unless I am truly interested. And, this is the year for my Speedy 30!!!!!
  5. I deserve that since I myself am a shameless enabler! LOL! I'm wooing a Coach SA currently and hoping to weasel my way into free shipping by ordering from a Coach store rather than online! (just kidding, nice, sweet, kind SA!) I am very bad! :devil:
  6. had i been thinking, that's what i would have done too! go for it!
  7. It would be nice if the Mandy came in a nice Spring color like pond!
  8. I am planning on visiting the San Francisco store next weekend and purchasing the new Hamptons leather stripe satchel...can't wait!!! :yahoo:
  9. and, as always: PICS when you all get your goodies!!!
  10. Girl I will give you the 8.50 ORDER IT!:supacool:
  11. I'm thinking we need an enabler of the year award..... ;)
  12. that gives me an idea for a new thread...
  13. I have 3 things on the way here (1 bag, 1 wallet, 1 wristlet) that won't get here until 2007. Does that count?
  14. sure, why not! i have lots that won't come until late this week, too!
  15. I have the Hamptons Leather Carryall in red, Legacy wristlet, and black Hamptons Signature wallet coming! :yahoo: They won't be here until 2007 and neither will the bill, so they count!