2007 Chloe Paddington - Whats happening?

  1. Alright ladies, since I live in underpriviledge down under (ie Aussie) where Chloe is not that "huge" as in the rest of the world.. :supacool:

    What's happening?
    Is Paddy still produced? If so what are the colours?

    Since I've got my 2005 tan and choc I just can't get enuff' :graucho:

    I only know the Bay bag as part of the 2007 collection...but the rest?

    Update me :graucho:

  2. Have you gone to the Chloe.com website? They show some Paddington bags there. :yes:
  3. I think even if Chloé introduces new bag lines the Paddington will still be there maybe for another year or so. Just like Balenciaga has kept their bag styles very similar for the last two years.
  4. The Paddington might only be made for another year? That would be a sin!

    This reminds me, a few days ago I had a nightmare that a new Chloe' designer decided to stop making Paddingtons. But then the fans had an uproar and that designer was fired. ;) So not completely a nightmare.
  5. LOL :lol:

    I hope not!
    I have never loved any bag like Chloe!
    So viva CHLOE! may it last til i grow old and no longer can carry the heavy load of the paddlock :lol:
  6. LOL to you, too!

    Same here! :lol:

    I think Chloe is fast becoming my favorite designer brand. Unfortunate for me that it is more expensive even 50% than my first fave: Coach. Hee hee. I have like six bags on my wishlist now! I could have more than Coach, with two bags I want to buy, minus the bags I want to sell, I will have 7 of those! Ooooh equal maybe! Hee hee.

    Eh, there are ALWAYS new Coaches to buy. ;)
  7. That's a great way to justify your "possible future Chloe purchase" :graucho:

    I saw how you're liking the Chloe cross body as per my post :graucho:

    LOL we are so bad!!!
  8. We are!! At least I am! :lol: LOL

    I want to justify it that I love Paddies so much that I will use them all the time and love them the most! Pretty good, huh? :angel:
  9. Hahahha, what do I know, I'm not a Chloé expert! But that was just a conservative estimate. Like all of you I want it to still be around a for a LONG time!!!
  10. I think the paddy will be around for a long time to come!!!
  11. Amen !
    Considering how much money we are all here have spent :lol: