2007 Chloe metallic gold mini Padday-anyone has it?

  1. I have seen this mini paddy on the Chloe website and fell in love with it instantly.

    However, I would like to know its color IRL. Has anyone seen it in the Chloe boutique or even had it in collection already? Could you please share some pictures? Thanks!

    I'm thinking on my next handbag purchase right now, so any relative information is welcomed. :p
  2. I've seen the Chloe medium Paddy IRL. It was too "metallicky" for my taste. It looks like a cream metallic.
  3. Precious! the small size of the bag does so well with the metallic finish. It's so full of personality and glamour without being too gaudy or showy.
  4. The Mall of America Nordstrom has one left in case you haven't found it.:smile: :roflmfao:
  5. I saw it irl here in Scotland and not a fan - the mini padlock and chain just do not cut it for me and with a £1000/$2,000 price ticket I just think it is not worth it