2007 carousel cadena (pics)

  1. here you go ladies.... found it in a japanese site

    enjoy!:nuts: :heart:
    parisdulac-img450x600-1169821048kadena1.jpg parisdulac-img480x600-1169821089kadena2.jpg parisdulac-img480x600-1169821147kadena3.jpg
  2. Oh my God! What a piece!

    Thanks Amour for the first hand pics!
  3. OMG! This is so pretty! It's exactly how my SA described it! That's it! I want a gold and a palladium!

  4. Wow! Thanks for the pics! I LOVE the cadenas~~~~ Ok, I have to get one now.
  5. Oh I don't know.....I still feel the same way I did when I first saw the drawing. How does this hang on the bag without marking it with that flat disc?
  6. Now that you mention it ... Yeah, I don't want my bag to get marked unless it's a coated canvas bag. I guess I'll need to see it in person first.
  7. ^^ shopmom, I've noted your feedback on this cadena at the time you first posted about it. It looks like it's highly possible for a smiley to develop on the bag if it's hung from the clochette. I certainly won't do that. What I intend to do, is to hang it from the turnkey. :yes:
  8. That's a good idea, S......I didn't think of that! The first thing I thought of when I saw the sketch is that it would poke out too much, KWIM? But on the turnkey it would be just fine!
  9. It's very cute!
  10. I love it ... thanks for the pics..btw does it look bigger than the other cadenas?:confused1:
  11. i loooove it!!! thanks Amour!!!!
  12. This is so cute :smile: Thanks for posting!
  13. YES I love it! It's even better than I pictured it in my head! I also thought too about putting it on the turnkey bc I didnt want any of the cadenas to scratch my leathers or imprint on them esp my scratch sensitive box calf! The turnkey is where I hang my lock right now anyways.
  14. Very pretty! :heart: Thanks for posting pics, Nhelle! :flowers:
  15. It's very pretty and so similar to the Pegasus charm, but looks pretty impractical. At best I might see hanging it from the end of a Bolide. I would be afraid to hand it from the lock or clochette on a Birkin/Kelly fearing indentation into the bag.