2007 Camellia necklace or 2007 Gold pearl necklace?

  1. These two necklaces just arrived today which I have been on the waitlist since beginning of the year. So today is the first time I can see them in person. So exited :yahoo:

    Before I purchased these, my SA send me the pictures to decide. As you know I could not from the pictures, so I have both in my hand now to make the decision.

    I like the camellia one more. And I like the gold/white pearl too if only it was in much longer one. Including a picture of me wearing a baby animals top that I promised to model for a member.
    07Ppearlnecklace.jpg 07Ppearlnecklace2.jpg 07Pbabyanimaltop.jpg 07Ppearlnecklace4.JPG
  2. i love the camellia one!
  3. i love the camellia necklace, it's beyond gorgeous.
  4. I vote Camellia since those lovely flowers are all over my Chanel sunglasses! Go floral!
  5. I love the Camellia one too.
  6. The Camellia necklace really suits you!!!
  7. Love the camellia necklace! Do you mind saying how much it retails for?
  8. I vote Camellia too! Though, you look smashing in both!
  9. Camellia! Love it. I just got the ring today, and the gold and cream are a lovely combo.
  10. The camelia one hands down!:yes:

    I love that baby animals tank too! :love:
    It looks super cute on you!:girlsigh:
  11. Def camelia!! Cute top too!
  12. I have to say, both of them are absolutely gorgeous! I do agree with a majority of the others, the Camelia suits you perfectly, though. I really don't think you could go wrong with either piece.:heart:

    The top is precious on you. Your Chanel style is stunning. :yes:
  13. Camelia looks better on you.

    So cutey, your top. It looks just like Tokidoki.
  14. i vote camellia too!
  15. How much is the camellia flower necklace?