2007 Calendar


Dec 17, 2006
I just got my 2007 calendar. I decided to go with a Papillon calendar because I know someone who breeds them and one of her dogs was featured in it. :yahoo: So, what's on your 2007 calendar or what do you plan to get? :confused1:
Haha I got four calendars this year for Christmas.:shame:

I got the Far Side Desk Calendar, an Audrey Hepburn wall calendar, an Ireland day planner and the HANDBAG desk calendar!:yahoo:

LOL, if you ever need to know what the date is, I'm your girl!
I just scribble my notes on my Mum's wall calender :P - she usually hangs one up in the kitchen big enough for all of us. We normally get one of those ones that feature the best photos from around the world like pretty islands etc.