2007 Cafe FLAT MESSENGER is here! VOTE PLEASE: to tuck or not to tuck?


To tuck or not to tuck... that is the question! lol

  1. Leave as is

  2. Tuck ends though strap hardware

  3. Tuck ends and tassels in

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. My 2007 Cafe Flat Messenger has arrived and I have to say that it is by far THE best messenger-style bag I have ever owned (sorry LV! lol).

    It drapes so nicely against the body and is perfect for petite ladies like myself. If you are 5 feet tall or so, this bag will NOT overwhelm you or hang too long. I have it set on the longest setting and it is PERFECT.

    Here are a few pics to show you the color - so hard to capture but so deep and rich! :drool:



    So my poll is on what to do with the zipper ends and tassels...

    #1 - Leave as is:

    #2 - Tuck ends through the strap hardware

    #3 - Tuck ends and tassels in (this is the way I think I am going to go)

    Thanks in advance for voting! :heart:
    p1.jpg p2.jpg p3.jpg p4.jpg p5.jpg
  2. Congratulations! The bag is so pretty! We'd love a few modeling pics, too since I've been eyeing this bag myself.
  3. Congrats Addy ... the cafe is such a gorgeous deep and rich color, love it in the messenger! We need modeling pics ... I've been looking for a messenger bag;) I voted to leave the ends as is ... it's a Bbag thing!
  4. Congrats! I think it looks best with the ends tucked in but the tassels out. I really like the flat messenger. Can you post pics of you wearing it?
  5. i love the ends hanging out of the city.. but on this style i am going to agree with erica - ends tucked in, but tassels out.

    great bag, congrats!!!
  6. Congrats on your beautiful new bag, Addy!:love: I would personally tuck the ends and tassels in (#3)!:yes:
  7. Love it!!!

    I like it with the ends tucked in! When they hang out, it looks like the bag has little doggy ears! (which is cute too!)
  8. I love the cafe color...it's gorgeous....i wuld leave the tassels as it is!
  9. A BIIIG YAY for Cafe!!!!:yahoo:

    Love Cafe and love the style! I personally would leave everything as is....I like how tassels float around as you move, and I actually like having ears out:p
  10. I love this style too. I voted to leave as is. That being said, however, I find that I would go back and forth, sometimes tuck them in. Now I usually leave them out.
  11. congrats Addy! the cafe is gorgeous IRL! i love the color! I vote for #3... it doesnt look as "messy" KWIM? congrats again!
  12. So pretty! I would tuck ends in and move the tassels over to the left so they are lined up with the front pocket tassels.
  13. ^ditto to what powderpuff100 said
  14. :nuts: The colour and leather are TDF :love: Congrats! I'll go with #3 as well.
  15. Congrats Addy... your messenger is a beauty! The cafe is so dark and rich you can practically drink it. I voted leaving it as is "all natural" as they say :idea:.
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