2007 Cadena.........

  1. ...saw a picture tonight........ :oh:

    I think I might be buying the gold Heart for my little something instead.....
  2. what is it??? the carousel horse? i'm so out of the loop.
  3. You didn't like it???? Not a dancer??? Boo Hoo :crybaby:
  4. hey -- go down to the RTW thread and tell us what you bought!

  5. Wait! Wait! I also want to hear about the cadena . . . okay, going to the RTW thread now . . .
  6. I can't yet......just walked in the door and I have to throw some kind of dinner on the table.....I'm thinking maybe Kraft Macaroni and Cheese so I can get back here quick!!!!!
  7. I wanna know too!!
  8. :popcorn:
  9. You are a cruel woman!!! We are all waiting and waiting and waiting.
  10. bloody hell you're a tease, D! I thought the horsie sounded fab! I'll be so sad if it's ordinary....
  11. :hysteric:

  12. ^I'd be quite happy with a horse!
    But I thought it was the year of the dancer? Check out the scarf on the site. South of the border ladies dancing up a storm and twirling around! I just bought it with a red ground in a plisse. It is amazing!
  13. good gad, woman -- where the hell are your priorities???

    edited to add, it's almost midnight here on the east coast -- just how late do you expect me to stay up WAITING while you have your gourmet treat?
  14. Ok....I have a few minutes before the little Kraft Macaroni pieces soften and then I have to throw the processed cheese on......

    Picture in your minds eye.......a disc. A thick round disc. And, on top of the thick round disc is the oval loop that you'd hook onto your bag. And then.....attached to one side of this oval loop......and one side only.....a small horse.

  15. Oh.

    That sounds weird.

    I think I'm disappointed now.