2007 BV Orange

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  1. hm.... i thought this orange is from last year....
  2. hmmm...I was told that pumpkin orange was a 2007 color, I guess I assumed this was pumpkin! Let me try to find a current example, thanks!
  3. Okay, ignorance reigns supreme in my brain today! It was last year, sorry! The color was Pompeii.
  4. I have a zip around wallet with 2 patent shades of orange woven together from the 2004 collection...If no one knows here, BV would be able to tell you if you call them tomorrow. It sure is pretty...the new carmino red coming out this fall is gorgeous too.
  5. thanks valkyrie360. the description said the bag has a cell phone slot. none of my veneta hobo has cell phone slots in them. just wondering.
  6. Hmmm...I also haven't heard of BV venetas with cell phone slots, but I think you should put it on the "authenticate this" thread. Those wiser than I can tell you more about it!
  7. valkyrie, I think a toggle baguette in orange would be great! It's small enough that the bright color isn't too much.
  8. I got my ebano veneta at Saks a few months ago and it has an inner cellphone slot which I love. Its very useful ;)
  9. Thanks for your thoughts Ouija Board!

  10. my venetas were 2003 and 2004 season bags. the older versions dont have cell phone slots.

    i will take a look at my nero veneta which gets in on tuesday :p
  11. My medium Veneta from S/S '07 doesnt come with cell phone pocket.