2007 additions...

  1. Okay, I'm done with 2007 purchases and it's just February:

    sorry, no pics today, maybe tomorrow:

    Pomme Agenda
    Pomme Lexington (arrived today)
    Grafitti Alma PM
    MC Coeur (hasn't arrived yet)
    mono cles
    azur cles

    I will just make good on the azur speedy 25 if it ever shows... until then, I'm looking towards 08. It's been a great year of the golden pig...

    What have you all done so far in 07???:jammin: :sweatdrop:
  2. LOL!
    I have been bad (or good) so far this year too:

    Damier Papillon
    Framboise Bedford
    Pomme Roxbury
    Mono makeup case
    Azur agenda
    Azur Pochette
    Azur Speedy (on the way)
    Pomme Zippy Wallet
    and last but not least
    Pomme Pastille Keychain

    When will the madness end!!!!!!
  3. My only purchases so far have been

    pomme d'amour cles (although this was from boyfriend)
    Azur pochette
    ...and I am in the process of purchasing a black Epi bag :graucho:

    I hope to buy these within 2007:
    LVOE bandeau (if I like it)
    white/red inclusion barrette GM
    Damier geant Couguar (if I like it)
    Black MC Eliza/Aurelia MM (most likely the Eliza)
  4. wow! I didn't even know you could get an azur agenda... that's awesome... I'm saving the Roxbury for the amarante, I think, but the pomme is so gorgeous... and the price is still pretty darn good.. b4 an increase... you're soooo bad.... and, the framboise bedford!!!! nice, I've been toying with the idea of another framboise piece, but... sticking to my 07 rules... thanks for your reply! so cool!
  5. Very nice! I hope you get the Miroir lockit, you would so rock that gorgeous girl!
  6. Yes, I need to stop now.
    I had been so good, but then I stumbled across this site, you all are big enablers!!!:graucho:
  7. oh yeah, AA meeting gone wrong....(not my quote)...
  8. yes, we need Louis Vuitton Annoy.
  9. haven't bought any bags yet, hopefully azur sporty or amarante stuff. So far this year only got a pom agenda, soupcon gm sunnies, and pink etoile bandeau.
  10. I've been so bad... Since the beginning of the year, I've added:
    - Manhattan GM
    - Azur Sayela MM
    - Koala Agenda in Rose
    - Pomme d'Amour Heart Purse
    - MC Heart Purse
    - Pastilles Multicolor Key extender/bracelet
    - Pastilles Monogram Key extender/bracelet

    and just yesterday, I bought the Vernis Perle Envelope pouch!

    So need to go on a ban..
  11. Hmmm....:graucho:...I'm sure a couple people know what I've been up to this 2007...;)

    Not too much, though.
  12. Only??? not bad, especially if you're waiting for amarante....:yahoo:
  13. mysteriiioouusssss.....;)
  14. I've got a list too, and it's getting longer...
    Speedy 30 Azur.
    Mono zippy wallet.
    Mono wapity.
    Mono pen case.
    Pomme d'amour small agenda or
    mono small agenda.
    Mono pochette cosmetique.

    Oh lordie.......
  15. NICE haul.... yep, there's the ban thread.... I WANT that koala rose agenda sobad.