2007, A Year In Review...

  1. Another year has almost past...

    What are some of the moments of 2007 that are most memorable for you?

    Good, bad, and/or wacky. TPF related, on-line, and/or in real life...

    For me:

    The Good:

    Really, REALLY enjoying my job.
    Made time to see my friends I hadnt seen in years.
    Went to London over the summer and loved it.
    Paid off my car.
    Lost 20 pounds.

    The Bad:

    My great-uncle lost his battle with cancer and died in March.
    My grandma spent a significant time in hospital and isnt ever going to fully recover.

  2. Good for me:

    discovered Balenciaga & Chanel

    Bad for hubby:
    discovered Balenciaga & Chanel

    No seriously...it was an OK year. Nothing fabulous. Hubby made his highest income yet so that was a great celebration! Otherwise just another year! Oh...and I got my Masters degree!

    Bad: my college football team stunk this year!
  3. I have to say that I'm really glad the year is almost over. It's been really tough.

    The good: Had a new baby boy
    Got in touch with a lot of old friends
    Really figured out who my real friends are (when bad things happen you really find out who's there for you)

    The bad:- My younger brother was killed in Iraq (the worst and definatley hardest thing I have ever faced) I still feel like I can't really face it.
  4. this has been a year of HIGH highs and LOW lows.

    my nephew and niece were born this year
    my dog came into my life
    my relationships with God, my husband and my family are stronger than ever.
    i met some amazing new friends
    we're buying a house
    i finally confronted a lot of issues in my life and for the first time i feel like i'm living life the way God intended it.....completely and gratefully!

    my brother/best friend passed away in february. it has eclipsed and influenced every other event that's happened since then....and will for the foreseeable future, i'm sure.
    i've spent more time in the hospital this year than i like to admit
    i got in a car accident in october with continued ramifications

    i hope next year is a bit more stable.
  5. arireyes and ilzabet I'm so sorry for the loss in immediate family you have both suffered this year and send prayers your way for what you have both been through.

    For me:

    Reconnecting with SO after a few struggles and tough times
    Travelling a lot and getting to see some good friends again
    Becoming much stronger within myself

    My Grandmother suffering a debilitating stroke
    Putting off my wedding
  6. the good:

    built a stronger relationship with SO
    cut back alot on the partying
    found a job i like
    got to work alot with SO on the buisness and have made great progress.
    my second neice was born

    not many bad things have happened to me this year. nothing major anyways. money got a little tight for a while but that should be over soon.
  7. My life has been so uneventful in 2007 that I can't even believe a year has gone by. I did move back home to New Orleans right at the end of 2006, and I am very happy I did that. But nothing really notable has happened in 2007 that I can think of.

    I'm really sorry to hear about all the bad things that have happened to so many though this past year.
  8. Good -
    My fiancee proposed & now getting married in june:biggrin:
    Got my 10 year contract with Emirates
    Finally got my own condo in Dubai.
    Got my dream car.
    Made so many great friends.
    Have my dream home back in Scotland.
    I have a beautiful new neice.

    Bad -
    One of my old school friends died in iraq, still can't come to terms with it.

  9. The Good:
    Graduated college with my degree
    Travelled Europe for six weeks with my BF.
    Becoming financially stable.
    Found a job with a company I really like

    The Bad:
    Still living at home - I get lonely a lot without BF.
    BF still needs a job.
    Losing touch with a lot of friends since I'm no longer in college.
  10. 2007 for me....

    I got engaged in May
    Moved into our new house
    finally trained my unruley puppy
    My best friend got married in July


    My Grandfather lost his battle and died of bone cancer @ the end of August
    Still not on speaking terms w/my mom
  11. THE GOOD:
    - started dating my BF and remembered how great it is to be in love again.
    - paid off ALL my credit card debt :yahoo:
    - moved into my own place
    - finding out who my true friends really are
    - became closer to God
    - discovering TPF! :tup:

    THE BAD:
    - my company had 3 huge layoffs. thankfully, I still have my job
    - realizing how greedy people can be when it comes to money
    - finding out that sometimes the ones you trust the most are the ones that end up hurting you the most

    I'm looking forward to a GREAT 2008!
  12. Good:
    -FINALLY got pregnant
    -purchased our first home

    -grandparents ill
    -losing 2 dogs
  13. I am sorry to hear about all the sadness of 2007 for some of you. I hope 2008 is better!
  14. The Good:
    Finally passed my driving test!!!
    Went on a great sunshine holiday.
    Spent a lot more time with relatives which is good.
    Got back in touch with some old friends.
    Bought some fabulous things.
    Had some great times with the kids I work with.
    Went to some great places.

    The Bad:
    Went to my first funeral at the start of the year, which was in pretty tragic circumstances.
    Still in the same job, which although I enjoy it... I know I could do a LOT better. (I need to start pushing myself next year!).
  15. Good:
    Graduated college with a Bachelor's
    Got my first "real" job
    Purchased my new car all by myself
    Became friends again with an old friend who I hadn't spoken to in years

    Grandma passed away
    Grandpa passed away

    The bad definitely outweighs the good, unfortunately. :sad:
    Hoping for a better year in '08.