2007/08 Autumn Winter 2-Way Quilted Stam

  1. These photos are taken from diabro.net , can anyone explain what is "2-Way Quilted Stam" ? what are the differences between this an the past seasons stams? TIA!



  2. I'm not entirely sure what the mean, but the Berry and Grey look awesome! Hopefully, someone can enlighten us.
  3. i am not a fan of these new colours, somehow they look washed. not rich and wholesome enough. :s maybe MJ will come out some fun colour for the next S/S collections.
  4. Nocturne
    Think it may be the picture quality, but the berry colour is very bright IRL IMO. Sorry can't help with the other question:smile:
  5. thanks Beany for the info, I hope to see more IRL photos of the Berry and Grey then! :smile:
  6. I don't know what they mean by two-way stam either, it still looks like a regular ol' stam to me!
  7. This is a bone-headed guess, but could an Italian company consider the fact that it can be a satchel or a shoulder bag a "2-way" Stam, i.e. it functions in 2 separate ways?

  8. I had the same thought... Maybe its just a marketing thing.

    Nocturne, the berry one is awesome. It would fit will all my winter coats!!!
  9. oooohhh~ i thought they are referring to some special tactic in the quilting or something. "2 way" as in - can carried by 2 handles and the gold chain, yeah?
  10. Ooh, such a lovely picture of the grey Stam! :drool:

    Can anybody confirm, does the grey Stam look like that IRL? Is the colour accurate in that picture? TIA!
  11. not sure about the gray... but that berry in person...
    MY GOD.
    even my my was drooling, and she's not a *bag-lady* by any means. i didn't see any styles in the berry i wanted to buy at Neimans, but i literally kept trying to convince myself to like them just so i could grab some berry immediately. with the gold hardware it's just... :drool:
  12. I also saw the berry IRL, at MJ Vegas and agree that it's gorgeous! It's quite a rich, saturated color that would look great in the fall/winter seasons.
  13. I saw the grey one at Holt Renfrew this morning and its very nice. Kind of color that fits with EVERYTHING you have in your closet.