2006: What kind of year was it?

  1. Of course I'm talkin' about LV. What did you buy this year? What do you have left to get before the year comes to an end? Any regrets (with something you bought or something you wanted to buy but just didn't)?

    This was a great year for me! I discovered LV early in the year and fell in love with a MC speedy. Hubby got sick of me talking about it and took me to Chicago in late April. I passed on the MC speedy because I thought it was too big :Push: and bought the Lodge Pm in black MC. Thus the obsession began. I discovered tPF a couple of weeks later through someone on ebay. I briefly flirted with Balenciaga but hubby hated it and I wasn't overly thrilled when I saw them IRL...and found myself back with LV. I finally got the black MC speedy just a couple weeks ago (I was kicking myself for not buying it originally after I bought a mono speedy 30 and realized I liked big bags).

    What I bought:
    black MC lodge PM
    black MC speedy
    damier speedy 30
    mono speedy 30
    mono compact zip wallet
    cerises pochette
    cerises speedy
    cerises cles
    mini lin cles
    panda pochette
    panda cles
    all 3 colors of graffiti pochettes
    all 3 colors of cherry blossom pochettes
    groom (went overboard....cles, ronde, 3 agendas, 2 keychains, and compact zip wallet)

    **I think that's all of them...and I thoroughly blame tPF for the long list LOL**
    before the end of the year I want an Epi speedy 25 in red and a groom bandeau.

    Regrets? That I haven't finished my wish list! I want to really finish my LE list (CB papillon & cles, and graffiti speedy) but they'll probably wait until next year!

    Overall 2006 has been a great year in terms of LV! The beginning of my :heart: affair with a wonderful handbag! And :drinkup: to many more years!

    (I know this is a little early since 2007 is just under 2 months away...but what the heck!!!)
  2. Here's the lv I got in 2006:

    poppincourt haut
    large bucket
    white mc alma
    mono pti
    mono wapity
    damier koala agenda
    damier speedy 30
    mono speedy 30
    azur speedy 30
    saleya mm

    So, in other words, my entire lv collection was obtained this year, and I totally blame tpf! Just kidding, I'm happy with everything I bought. No regrets! Only regret that I don't have any epi yet. Cheers to many more years with LV!!:drinkup:
  3. I only found my love for LV end of last September. Bought a Damier Speedy 25, Moka Onatah PM, Groom cles (??? key & coin purse?) and an Azur small agenda. No regrets yet but Sac Plat, Azur Speedy 25, Epi Soufflot and a pencil is on my list.... well, there are more.... But I'm getting married next month so I don't have time to buy... What I mean is I have to tell my honey how much they cost and he's going to freak out!
  4. 2006 was a great year for me!

    - I joined tPF and met many wonderful people on here :flowers: :love:

    - Learned that it's OK to let go bags you are not using any more :graucho:

    - Found my GRAIL - Oskar Waltz with great help of Eva :flowers:

    - Ventured into brands other than LV :sweatdrop: :lol:
  5. well, I didnt shop hard for LV this year... I only got the following pieces:
    - MC Black Pochette
    - Mono Cles
    - Mono Wapity

    and got given as b-day presents:
    - pochette key extender thingy
    - groom bandeau - red

    not much but yeah :graucho:
  6. i fell in love with LV when i was in tokyo last november. i discovered tPF in december 2005 and bought 2 pre-loved LVs so far:
    - belem pm
    - monogram malesherbes

    i looooooooooooove the belem pm! i have only used the malesherbes once and not sure how i feel about it. but i decided to keep it for now since it's so unique. :yes:
  7. 2006 was amazing! Besides stumbling on to tPF, I got..
    Mono speedy 25
    Groom bandeu (red)
    Monogram pochette
    Damier speedy 25

    Woohoo bring on 2007!
  8. hmmmm, i think these were all in 2006:

    lv - birth of modern luxury book
    perfo bandeau in fushia
    black epi speedy 25
    mono speedy 25
    vernis cles in framboise
    mono pochette accessories
    pink mono koala agenda and refill
  9. this has been an insane year for me, and i swear it's all this forum's fault :lol:. i joined this forum in February and naturally became addicted to it, and i also learned much more than i ever thought i would about bags, and i came to appreciate my bags much more than i ever did before :love:.

    i started off with a teeny collection of 7 LV items, and now i have more than i'd like to count :wtf:! here's what i bought THIS YEAR ALONE :shame::

    Multicolore Trouville
    Monogram Musette Salsa
    Monogram Manhattan PM
    Monogram Popincourt Haut
    Monogram Mat Agenda MM
    Monogram Speedy 25
    Monogram Pochette Marelle
    Multicolore Shirley
    Damier Papillon 30
    Monogram Batignolles Horizontal
    Vernis Bedford Perle
    Damier Speedy 25
    Monogram Cerises Speedy 25
    Monogram Klara
    Cherry Blossom Papillon
    Monogram Mini Cruise Trapeze PM
    Monogram Mini Josephine PM
    Vernis Bedford Marshmallow
    Monogram Manhattan GM
    Damier Duomo

    Monogram Wapity (which i later sold)
    Multicolore Wapity
    Beige Inclusion Speedy Keychain, Bracelet GM, Ring
    Black Inclusion Speedy Keychain, Bracelet GM, Ring
    Monogram Shawl
    Monogram Pochette Cancun
    Berry Inclusion Speedy Keychain, Bracelet, Ring
    White Inclusion Speedy Keychain
    Monogram Pochette Tulum

    i'm just waiting for the white Inclusion Bracelet and Ring to be available in stores, and then i'm done. oh, and not counting my impending graduation/birthday/Christmas gifts too :graucho:

    anyone else feel guilty now :lol:?
  10. wow i only have one piece!! it was my first piece ever and its the mono speedy 25 and i cant wait to start collecting more!!! i asked my boyfriend for the damier koala agenda for xmas so we will see what happens!!! cross your fingers for me!!! i am so jealous of all of you and your beautiful collections...i wish i could afford more but my bank account doesnt let me!!!!
  11. This year I got my first LV - a Recital for Valentine's day from my DH. :love: Soon after a Saleya PM, Speedy 25, and Perfo cles followed!
    Looking forward to next year and maybe a PH!

  12. This is what I purchased this year...

    White Multicolore Trouville
    Monogram Manhattan PM
    Monogram Wallet with Zip Pocket
    Monogram Speedy 25

    These are on my wishlist...

    Red Epi Speedy 25
    Damier Speedy 25
    Monogram Popincourt Haut
  13. I got my first LV piece a year ago (noisette cles) and have bought all the rest of my LV bags since January ... all while a member of this forum!! :nuts: :shame:

    Okaaaaay, let's count. :upsidedown:

    2 Thompson Streets (baby blue and mango yellow)
    Reade PM (fuschia)
    Christie GM (bronze)
    Bedford (lavender, sold it)
    Ludlow (framboise)
    Broome (baby blue)
    Agenda PM (red)
    Key holder (peppermint)

    Keepall 45 (mandarin)
    Pochette (mandarin)
    Speedy 30 (toledo blue ... will be here tomorrow! :biggrin:)

    and Antigua Cabas MM (blue)

    That is 12 pieces in 12 months ... you all are bad influences! ... Hopefully I can stay on my ban until 2007! :angel:

    nah, your list made me feel better! :biggrin:
  14. i didnt buy alot of louis vuittons this year (saving up for my birkins) but i saw a picture of the mc white speedy and a koala wallet and the love i had for it came back to me so i went and got them in bloomindales nyc its right around the corner from my apartment so as you can see how i can be tempted im wondering if it was a waste because it seems to be going out of style? what does everyone else think, was it worth it? i mean i like it.. but again its so over played i thinkt he word is?
  15. I am so happy that I found this forum. It's like home away from home. Well, I just discovered the forum about 4 months ago and have since purchased 4 bags. My collection includes:
    Mono Petite Bucket
    Damier Speedy 30
    Blue Petite Noe
    Mono Speedy 30 (on its way to me)

    I don't plan to make any more purchases in 2006. I think I will limit myself to maybe 2 bags per year starting in 2007. On my wishlist for next year is an Epi Soufflot and maybe a cles. But my wishlist constantly changes.:yes: