2006 Truffle RH City or 2010 Sang Twiggy??

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  1. Hello ladies,

    I need help! I want to sell one of these bags but don't really know which one? Should I sell 2006 Truffle RH City or 2010 Sang Twiggy? They are both brand new! Help!!!!:nuts:
  2. I would keep the 2006 Truffle ... especially if it is new. MUCH harder to find down the road. Whereas Sang is current and if you changed your mind down the road you'd have a better chance of finding another.
  3. I would keep Truffle, if I were you ^__^
  4. keep the Sang Twiggy..it is harder to find..well where i live..
  5. Keep the Truffle.
  6. Just a gentle reminder that buying/selling/trading or soliciting for such is not permitted here.

    purseaddict76, please PM me if someone solicits you.

    I would keep the Truffle. :smile:
  7. Keep the Truffle!!!!

    I recently purchased a Truffle myself and, IMHO, no other Bal brown can compare. ;)

    The Sang Twiggy is lovely, and it would be ideal if you could have both, but if it's one or the other - Truffle all the way!!!
  8. I generally prefer Chevre bags, but I'm not a big fan of Truffle. Not my favorite Bal brown. I would keep the Sang Twiggy.
  9. Keep the Truffle!