2006 Teal Lambskin Bag

  1. I saw this bag in the store at South Coast Plaza, and wondered what everyone thinks of it. I am considering buying it, but its $2495.00. Limited edition and a cool color. Sorry but I don't have a photo.

    All opinions appreciated.:s :s
  2. ^^ im not sure which bag u r referring to.. would love to see photo.. anyone?
  3. Without a photo, it will be difficult to answer your question.
  4. Piiiiiic!!!
  5. god i hope it's a lambskin classic flap!!!
  6. We're a photo bunch here -- Pic please
  7. No--so far none of those!!!! Its not a teal classic flap either. Kind of more modern with silver hardware and 2 straps down the front. I promise to post pics if I buy it:yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: PLEASE--someone else find a photo for me!!!!!
  8. Is it a very light mint color? I will post a pic of what my brother and I got my mom after she opens it!
  9. can you describe what the bag looks like at least?
  10. ^yes, please.

    Is it a tote? A shoulder bag?
    A handbag?
    Does it gape open or tie closed, etc. . . .?
  11. i saw this bag too! it comes in grey also right? i like it a lot and came thisclose to purchasing the teal bag myself, but i talked myself out of it because i didn't need another small/medium purse, esp. one at that price. it is beautiful though!
  12. Does it have a super long thin strap that you can remove if you want? A handle to use if you remove the strap. About small to medium size?
  13. djo, if it's the same one i saw, the long thin lambskin strap is not removable, but it also has two (i think) short chain straps so it can also be a hand/arm bag. it is a small/medium, but mostly on the small end, sized bag.
  14. I know which one she is talking about. I have it in black & the teal. It is on the smaller side. We've had it for a couple months now. People check it out,but, most think it is kinda expensive for what it is. I dont have a picture on me,but, I'll take one for everyone to see tomm. ............as long as I remember.
  15. nooooooooo i want a teal classic flap! DJO do you know what new colours are coming out for the classics? is there a bluey teal on the horizon?