2006 Spring Coach

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  1. daphne calf.jpg Daphne Calfskin Top Handle Tote

    legacy large pocket.jpg Legacy Large Pocket Tote

    legacy straw.jpg Legacy Straw Hobo

    satin frame.jpg Satin Frame Bag

    soho straw.jpg Straw SOHO Hobo
  2. Not bad
  3. Sorry, not worth it to me!
  4. Which one and why not?:oh: Please explain.
  5. I love that Legacy Large Pocket tote. I hope it makes it to the outlets. :lol:
  6. 25% coupons for friends and family are comming out.
  7. [​IMG]


    I want those very much.
  8. Nothing is reaching out to me yet. I loved the Optic Lurex line.
  9. A lot of ppl had those but it made my eyes hurt (no offense). It was like a puzzle or eye exam.:biggrin: LOL.
  10. O-kay! That red one is bad. Doesnt even look like it's made by COACH. I like the legacy but Im short and worried about looking over powered. I aint tryna Mary Kate it. But I do rock oversized bags.
  11. Brace yourself- it comes in white!:nuts: Oooooooooooo.....
  12. I am anxiously awaiting the white bags with the little bee applique on them... The printed catalog says they will be in the stores in April.....
  13. I really like the satin frame bag, eventhough it looks kinda small.
  14. It is bcuzz it's part of the "Special Occassion" section. But it's so darn CUTE!
  15. When you say coming out, will it be listed on the site? Or do we have to be friends and family?:cry:
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