2006 Spring Bronze Reissue size question

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  1. I am hoping that someone knows if the Bronze Reissue from the spring summer line came in a 228 size. The store I called only ever got them in the 226 and 227 sizes. Was there a 228? Has anyone seen either a 227 or a 228 in their stores recently? If you have could you please tell me which store and an SA (if you have a favorite) that I can call to possibly purchase this bag. Thanks in advance for the help and information! ;)
  2. Best of luck on your quest Beth.:choochoo:
  3. Thanks Mon. Just a little bump to see if anyone has seen one of these around, I haven't had luck with the quest on my own. :shrugs:
  4. Yes it does. I have seen it in 228.
  5. Yes ive seen it in paris boutique
  6. TammyD amd Pinkish!! Thanks so much for the replies, I am so happy to hear that a 228 was made! That is truly awesome, now I just need to find one! :jammin: