2006 Reissue

  1. Hi
    I'm thinking of ordering a reissue and have it sent to Australia.. Since I won't be able to see it in real life I need help in deciding which colour to get.. I was thinking of either a gray or black 226 (dark white, bronze, and the burgundy is a no no for sure) but I heard that there are purple and navy as well.. is this true or am i getting a bit mixed.. So any pic of the navy or purple will be a great help if there's any ... Otherwise Gray or Black ???
    Thankss :yahoo:
  2. I don't know about navy or purple, but I like the grey. I think it has a nice smoky color to it. I believe Michele has one.
  3. grey is beautiful, but I prefer black.
  4. They are not making the 2006 reissue in grey, nor are they making it in purple or navy.

    The 2006 reissue is only available in black, darkwhite, burgundy or bronze.
  5. I saw the dark white and its gorgeous!! It looked a little fragile though.
  6. Thats what i think too !! :yes:
  7. I think black is the best color. The grey from 2005 is attractive, but it just didn't do "it" for me. I love my black 2006 though :smile:
  8. If you're picking amongst the 'new' bags (the 2006 ones), I really think you can't go wrong with the black. It really is beautiful.

    I have the 2005 grey, though, and, unlike wickedassin, it really is my most favourite of all. I really have a wardrobe that goes brilliantly with it, though, and I've always loved grey.
  9. I have a grey one too. I love it -- it looks very cool with the silver hardware.
  10. ^^^ Couldn't agree more!
  11. I am hoping to get a darkwhite reissue soon. I don't think it will be fragile. I have a darkwhite zip-around wallet and it cleans up very easily.
  12. I have the reissue (226) in black and love it.:love: