2006 Reissue

  1. Hi, I'm quite new here (have been lurking for a while) and like most of you I'm a real baglover :amuse:
    I have the grey 2005 reissue but what I wanted to ask if the 2006 reissue (I really would like the bronze) is already in stores and if so...are they also available in Europe and will they be limited?? I know it's maybe a stupid question but it's a bit confusing with the NYC exclusivity etc.. And does someone has pictures of the 2006 bronze? I reaaaally like the 2005...I would be so happy with the bronze:shame: :heart: :biggrin:
  2. i wanna have a piece of the new Reissues ...

    i wish anyOne can be of help ;)
  3. Me too... where are they!?
  4. i heard they will be on limited release at only chanel boutiques, not department stores.... sigh.. i want one, but it's good for my bank account that i not find one. =P
  5. There have been inconsistent "rumors" about the new Reissues. I just got a large one in black with the silver hardware. When I went on the waiting list about 2 months ago, this was the first story:

    1) NY store ONLY to get medium and large "new" reissues with silver hardware in black and bronze. They were to receive 6 in each color and size.

    After I was about to get my Reissue this past month, this was the next rumor:

    2) The "new" Reissues were ONLY available at boutiques, not at department store Chanel departments. Medium black new Reissue could be purchased through non-NY Chanel boutiques.

    Then I heard:

    3) Large new Reissues were DEFINITELY ONLY available through NY store. Bronze has yet to be released.

    Right after I got my Reissue I heard this last story:

    4) Someone saw Reissues in black and bronze at BG as display for a fall trunk show. But they did not know if the bags were actually going to be sold at BG. But it would be weird to show a bag that isn't going to be sold....
  6. I'm very curious about the 2006 reissue in bronze color. So I called the 800 number at Chanel's customer service & here are what I know.

    The 2006 reissues available in June & including:
    Aged calfskin in dark white (aka offwhite)
    Aged calfskin in dark burgundy
    Aged calfskin in dark gold (aka bronze)
    Aged calfskin in black also

    I put my name on on waiting list for a dark gold with rheuthium hardware (antique blackist silver). The customer service said it's a really nice color!

    I also called Berdorfgoodman also. They're getting these also & selling them too. Right now they have a dark gold or bronze size medium/large for display only. I put name on waiting list with them also. Then I'll saving tax :=)
  7. Oh, that's a great idea. I'm gonna call Bergdorf's and get on the wait list too. Thank you.:biggrin:
  8. oh my... dark burgundy? i want i want. okay im gonna call =D
  9. just called chanel. they are NOT getting dark burgundy anytime soon, but Saks trunk show in NY do have them... so call them at 212-753-4000 extension 4353... order quick! i feel these will fly! oh, and dark burgundy supposedly comes in silver hardware.. how great is that? the bronze is very metallic, and thats available too. the chanel line at 800-550-0005 only has the dark white one and black for order rite now. boo! i'm getting the burgundy, no matter who tries to stop me *cackle* haha jkjk =P
  10. Thank you guys, tomorrow I'll be going to the chanel store... I bet the SA's will be ignorant as always :rolleyes:
  11. :lol: I totally feel ya ... Burgundy ... sounds nice! Did anyone take pictures from the trunk shows??