2006 LV Suede Bags . . .

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  1. Okay, so as most of you know Louis Vuitton has made the questionable journey into their unknown of SUEDE! Thus far, I see two styles; both of which are on eBay.


    I suppose they consider this the Couture bag of the suede collection. It goes without saying that because of the nature of limited edition/couture bags, these will be made in very small quantities. It does feature a brown calf-skin interior, which is interesting.

    Here is the Couture suede GM bag...

    The bag on her shoulder is OBVIOUSLY much larger than the one from CityGirl's eBay auction. I happen to like it better, but have yet to see it anywhere else, except for that billboard.

    On the other hand... The Onatah Line...

    Onatah GM in ORANGE

    Onatah PM in YELLOW

    Onatah GM in BROWN

    Here is their other suede bag; the Onatah line. It does not have the studded suede fleur accents as the other bag; which in my opinion makes it a tad more practical, but MUCH less recognizable. From what I gather, it will come in Yellow, Orange and Brown, in PM and GM sizes. It features a Monogram mini fabric interior.

    I'm really not sure how I feel about either of these art-pieces. They are pretty to look at, but the couture bag seems dreadfully impractical, and the Onatah line really isn't all that much better. :lol:

    My conclusion...
    I love that LV is now adding a suede line. To me, it illustrates that LV will never die, and that they will continually impress me with their new, creative, and fresh ideas. :amuse:
  2. Are these real? Didn't they like just come out in stores, and now they're on Ebay already?
  3. Yes they're real. Many of the eBay sellers that specifically sell Vuitton, get the brand new/rare/couture bags available to their customers. I suppose it allows the people who trust them, the ability to get it right away. Without a wait-list.
  4. I love that Louis Vuitton is moving away from structured bags and adding more soft looking bags and materials into their designs. The onatah GM in brown is just gorgeous ! Of course, the only way I'd be able to raise money to buy that badboy is probably through selling a kidney !
  5. how much are they? i only like the brown.
  6. Sometimes, I wish that were legal. The Mocha color is nice indeed, but I feel I'm more partial to the yellow! :love:

    I think my mother will be having a mighty fine Mother's Day this year!

  7. ooo I love them! Anyone know what the actual retail is? I'm interested :biggrin:
  8. Wow, your mummy would be over the moon, any mother would be to open up a box to find one of these ! :lol:

    It's legal on some parts of the world.. erm.. it's pretty bad though, because people who do so are usually very poor and have no other way to raise a significant amount of money for things like, dowries or unexpected emergencies. The upside is, it's supervised by practicing, fully licensed doctors.. the big down is it just shows what money can buy, you can purchase a kidney to lengthen one's life at the expense of shortening another's. :sad:

    But I digress.. this forum is about purses !
  9. Woohoo! Pricing is as follows:

    Couture fleur bags:

    GM: $3,550
    PM: $2,280

    Plain Onatah suede bags:

    GM: $1,280
    PM: $865
  10. I like the brown. The others are just not my cup of tea.
  11. Thanks :love: I'll have to check into these.

    Do you think they'll also come in leather, the couture fleur version. I have extremely bad luck when it comes to suede:cry: But this might be worth the risk!
  12. I like the brown one but the others arn't my taste.
  13. I have placed my name on the reservation list for the onatah pm in brown:love:
  14. I'm also aware that there is a MM in the Onatah line.

    I was quoted:
    small 855
    medium 1070
    large 1280

    Quite affordable imo, practically the same price as mono canvas. I have my eyes on the MM in brown.
  15. Love the brown.. but i'm scared of suede..