2006 Legacy Line: Ali or Shoulder

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Which 2006 Legacy bag to get?

  1. Shoulder

  2. Ali

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  1. All these posts about the 2006 Legacy line has me convinced that I want something too. The styles are very classic and should last through many years. From what I have read, the Ali is the perfect shoulder bag but some think it tends to be big. I have not tried it on so not sure how it would look on someone that is 5ft tall. The shoulder bag seems like another favorite but others say the shoulder strap could be longer. Again, I have not tried it on so not sure if it fits the shoulder nicely. I am petite so that may be in my favor. So what do you think? Suggestions? I am loving this leather and am definitely getting something in this line.
  2. It depends on how much you carry. I think the Ali is an all-around more practical bag, even for petite women. It is more generous without being huge and I think it is a more classic shape that will last forever.

    The shoulder bag is great and also very practical, but for me it is just a teeny bit small and the shoulder strap is a bit too short. It also tends to sag a bit in the middle because the pockets are seperate.
  3. that is a tough one, but before you buy it you should really try it on to test the straps and the weight of the bag.
  4. I agree... test them out because personally I think I like ali a bit better BUT she can be big and she is pretty heavy.. and I am 5'10" and don't put a lot in my bags.. I really liked the shoulder bag.. but the slouch in the middle did bother me a bit. Check them out... let us know what you decide! :tup:
  5. Personally I have an Ali and a shoulder bag, and I LOVE my shoulder bag better! It fits just fine under my arm, and I'm 5'4". I can fit my Legacy Wristlet, Legacy French wallet, Ipod, Cassette adapter, and random paper things. It does sag, but I just put my wallet on one side and my wristlet on the other and it evens it out. I'm always stuffing it FULL of stuff which helps it hold its shape, haha.

    The Ali to me is too big. I still haven't taken it out, I have pictures of it on me and I feel like it overpowers. It's so pretty though.
  6. I have the Shoulder in Whiskey and adore it- my fave shoulder bag of all time! Ali may be too large for your height?
  7. Also I love my shoulder so much in black signature I'm about to buy it in the Khaki Ebony signature. So yeah I guess I'm pretty biased. :tup:
  8. I have and love both, but if I could get another one I would want an Ali.
  9. I have two Alis--whiskey and black--and think they are the ultimate classic all around bag. I like the shoulder bag but found it hit me too high under my arm, and I couldn't manage the drop length. The ali has a great drop length and is very roomy so you can fit quite a bit if you need to....

    Good luck!
  10. I have the shoulder and I LOVE her! I am not petite and the strap is just fine. Here are pics of it on me and all the stuff she holds if that helps with your decision!


  11. Thanks for all the replies so far. Keep them coming.

    knuttybar, thanks for the pics. The bag looks perfect hanging on your shouler. Wow, the shoulder bag really does hold a lot. For some reason it looks deceptively smaller than it is. Such a gorgeous bag.
  12. :drool: at the pics... I can't believe how much that holds!!! :wtf:
  13. I can only speak for the shoulder bag.... I personally like that extra slouch you get because of the two pockets, gives me a little more room under the armpit. In my opinioin...I think the shoulder bag looks better on a petite girl. The Ali looks overwhelming on some smaller girls. IMO
  14. I'm petite as well - 5'0", 110lbs - and I have the 2006 Shoulder bag in Whiskey and I love it! I don't think the strap is too short at all. The Ali looked too big on me IMO.
  15. Here's a picture for reference on someone your height. Sorry for the bummy clothes!