2006 LeCatalogue in Canada?

  1. so, i called 1-866-vuitton to order a 2006 le catalogue. i was told no problem, charge is $10 USD for shipping. great. i received the catalogue today and it's the brown 2005 edition...booo! but it did have a price list tucked inside (which was up-to-date for canada, but not the US). i called 1-866 again and got the same SA. she said that's impossible all of the brown cats were destroyed. then she said she had to look into it further and put me on hold. she found out that the 2006 catalogue is not yet available in canada, so she noted my file to have one sent out for free when it is. seems strange they can't just mail one from the US...oh well. anyway, long story short, i'll get both the 2005 and 2006 for the $10 charge, fun!

    has anyone been able to snag a 2006 catalogue in canada?
  2. Sorry to hear you are Still waiting for cataogues in Canada, us too in Aus:rant: . I heard not until after the end of June here, I hope you get yours soon.
    My catalogues are all old:sad:
  3. I just emailed my SM today - I'll post when I hear back from her.
  4. ^^^ thanks!
  5. They just came in on Friday! I picked mine up yesterday.
  6. I picked my catalogue up yesterday.
  7. Hmm..I was in on Saturday and they gave me an older one. Does anyone know if they have new ones at the Bloor location?
  8. I just ordered mines about two minutes ago, byt the way what is up with the sofa king banned thingy in the member status spot?
  9. ^^^ say it slowly...so f*ckin banned

    woohoo! going to call and make sure i get one!
  10. That means that our dear Megs or Vlad gave them the boot! :yes:
  11. There's been a lot of banning these days.:huh:
  12. You guys that is so damn funny...excuse me if it took me some time to catch on.
  13. I've had the (blue) 2006 catalogue and the price list since September!
  14. i dunno what I got, but when I bought my azur pochette, my SA gave me a blue catalog...it's at home didn't take note of the date (or if there is a date)..it just shows all the bags, their names and a brief description...no price though...so I have no clue what book i got. haha..but I love!
  15. This thread is from July ;)