2006 Leather = Different?

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  1. I have a 2005 black city that I love to pieces. The leather is similar to the "old" leather, as in it's much thicker and softer than other pieces I've seen. Yesterday I went to Neiman Marcus to pick up a pair of sunglasses, and I noticed they had two bbags in: a black courier and a caramel twggy (*dies* loves caramel :love:) - but when I looked at them, they were REALLY distressed - extremely marbled and "veiny" - like, to an extreme. I almost thought they were fake! Even when I touched them, they were not as soft as my bag in the least - and I know my bag is worn in, but it never felt like these bags did. Comparing my black to the courier black they looked like different colors! The "veins" in the courier were white ish - my bag has none of that. And the leather of these bags seemed really thin. :blink:

    What is up with that? Did NM get a bad batch or something? Or is the 2006 leather different? My bag is really soft, but the bags I saw there weren't soft - they were like, slick and hard looking.
  2. yeah... this is a much talked about and debated topic on here! some like the new veiny, shiny, harder, marbled leather and some like the squishy, wrinkly, distressed leather from before fall 05... and some only like the 04 leather, and so on. haha- the balenciaga leathers have been a constant state of flux for as long as they have been made it seems to me!
  3. balenciaga need to get their act together this season!
    please, no more nasty leather.
  4. The weird thing is, some of the 06' bags are WAY more stiff and marbled than others. Totally inconsistent.
  5. I forgot to mention that for my birthday in april my parents got me a pale rose city - and after a month of debate, but never using, I decided to sell it. I remember feeling the leather and thinking to myself (why is my black SO much softer?) - and then i thought maybe it was because it was worn. But I never remember my black ever feeling so stiff! I'm glad I sold it, because I loooooooove the soft texture of my black - hell, that's why I first bought balenciaga - because of the feel of the leather!
  6. yeah, i definitely agree... some leather gorgeous and others hideous. poor quality control.:Push: it made me more hesitant to buy any of the 06 bags online or by phone.
  7. ^^^ Totally!!!
  8. I bought my Origan City (S/S 06) sight unseen from Bal NY. I worked with Joseph and told him I wanted the least distressed and marbled bag in that color, and I'm thrilled with the bag I got. It's so much less veiny and softer than the bags I saw a few months ago at Barney's. I don't have anything to compare the leather to, but I love this bag! I have pre-ordered two bags from the Fall collection (Caramel and Grenat) and supposedly the leather is going to be slightly thicker and less marbled. I'll let you know when I get my bags.
  9. Awesome, thanks!
  10. The new leather will break in with use. I experienced with both of my bags (ink city and cornflower first). I prepared them twice with a leather conditioner and now they are super soft and less veiny. I actually don't have a problem with the new leather as it makes it much harder to fake it than the old one. It looks different but I still love it.
  11. i've worked with joseph... he's the best! he'll go out of his way to find the exact leather you want. if you order by phone, make sure you work with a really good SA. that is a must! some SAs don't care... they just want to make a sale.... and send you crap. joseph is very careful and honest about the quality of the bags for his client.
  12. i've gotta put in the good word for my girl daphne @ the nyc store ;) ...she also works hard to find exactly what you're looking for...when i bought 2 of my bags from her, i told her what i wanted & the 1st ones she brought out were the ones i left with!!!
  13. I think some colors look good in the 'new leather'. Like I've seen probably 3 cornflower twiggy's that look awesome with the leather. The blacks I've seen=no.
  14. hey ya
    i've got 2 b-bags from this season... and my cornflower twiggy and black city have gone really really beautiful! the more you use them they're not as veiny or disstressed! they're SO soft and still very yummy oh crap i forgot about my white first! (oo0ps *blush*) my first is totally yum... the leather is getting better with each use.
  15. I was in Barneys Chicago yesterday and felt the same way! I just wasn't that impressed with the leather. The cornflower twiggy I almost bought wasn't that veiny, but the leather was really thin and crackly (like paper).
    I'm going to hold out for the fall line, and go IRL and check them out before purchasing.
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