2006 leather? Can you tell me what yours is like? xx

  1. Hi Girlies, well I just got my 2006 cornflower and i keep touching the leather, lol.

    Its extremley soft, shiny, and veiny. The leather is not smooshy or thick. Is this due to the fact it has a lot of veins/ and this particular colour? Is this why people do not like veins on their bags, because of how the leather is?

    I have no other Bals to compare it... would you be able to tell me what your 2006 leather is like?

    Thanks for your help ;) (I couldn't find the leather variation thread) xx

    Also, im so used to LV canvas, that i am quite rough with it and throw it around. Do you have to baby your Bal? because of how the leather is so soft? Im scared just pulling the zips!?
  2. Luva, my first bbag was a black 06 classique. The leather was distressed nicely with minimal veins. However, it was really thin and slightly "crispy". It's not in my collection anymore.

    The other '06 I have is my newly acquired RVIF. The leather on her is AMAZING! I'm not sure if it's because of the dye saturation VIF bbags have, but there are no veins in sight, the leather is thick and silky. And perfectly distressed. It feels very much like my 07 bbags! According to most on here, RVIF's are the anomaly to the standard characteristics of '06 bags...

    ...which brings me to your questions of whether or not people like veins or shiny leather. It's all personal preference, really. I find that the veteran bbag girls do not like the veins/shine as much because it's a diversion from the original bbag leather they've all come to love. Whereas bbag lovers who fell in love with bbags in '06 identify the leather as their introduction to bbags so they LOVE the veins. And still for some others the veins is what made bbags more interested to them. It's all relative!

    The only kind of leather I think we all can't tolerate though, is DRY leather!:tdown:
  3. ^ Thank you soo much for your answer! I was worried that i had like a cruddy 06 but i suppose we have to compromise somewhere. I cant have shiny, veiny, soft and thick so im happy now!

    I know what you mean about when you fall in love though, I am a new convert so I love the veins and shiny BBags, its just hard when you buy over the net, because you have no idea what the leather is going to be like! xx
  4. ^ I like the veins on the cornflower color! I think it adds so much character. Over time they'll be absorbed into the bag and it'll turn into smooshy yumminess. Your cornflower is beautiful and totally drool-worthy. It's one of my favorite bbag blues.
  5. ^ooh even better news! Thank you for your help! I cant wait until I break it in! xx
  6. I agree, don't worry about the veins and shine because by use in time it will go away and age beautifully.:yes: My Cornflower Day is very soft, thick, and not so veiny. I guess the leather varies from bag to bag.:smile:Here is two close up pics of my leather for you to see.:heart:
    IMG_2644 (2).JPG IMG_2645 (2).JPG
  7. I think some colors look better with the veins than others. Cornflower MUST have veins. To me, that is what makes it look like sparkling pool water!! Love it!!!!

  8. BIG 2nd.
  9. Thank you Nanaz! The leather looks really different to mine! I guess thats why Bals are so great!

    ^^ ^ Agree 100%, thats why I fell in love with cornflower, because of the veins! xx
  10. Luva Pug, I`m so glad that you have your bag
    now and everthing is good.

    Congrats......love your bag...;)
  11. My cornflower has thinner and slightly veinier than all my other bags, BUT, it has definitely puffed up since I took this pic because of use! I just love the color! luva - yours is gorgeous! I think all the cornflowers have their very own personalilty!
    Nanaz day - her leather seems thickerer than mine! Beautiful!
  12. 2006 Grenat. Thick and squishy.. also has veins t:huh:.

  13. My Rouge Vif has thick chewy leather with no veins or cracks.

    Love her!
  14. 3rd. The other colors are blueberry and blue glacier- lovely distressed.

    I have some accessories in thin crackly shiny black, and I adore them. Agree with everything in lordguinny's post- it's all good, except dry leather.
  15. Your cornflower will become less shiny and veiny with use. I have a cornflower 06 city, too. I find that all my bags, 06 or otherwise, soften up with use and get smooshy and soft. The leather on the cornflower is a tad bid thinner than the leather on my other bags, but I don't care, it's beautiful!