2006 "It" Bags

  1. Just wondering if you guys would say there is any one (or few) bags that are definite "it" bags this year. For some reason, I'm just not feeling the it bag craze as much as the last few years. But maybe it's still just too early...
  2. The Muse?

    The Edith?
  3. Perforated? Pink SPeedy? TW skull bag?
  4. the coach legacy tote. i've seen that on a couple celebs with the rock star price tag to boot.
  5. I think that's the problem with this year's bags--or the good thing--nothing's because the "IT" bag yet...
  6. Muse? Though I'm seeing this as more of a long term classic bag... (hoping, maybe :amuse: )
  7. the gaucho?
  8. muse gaucho edith

    those were the ones that came to mind. :smile:
  9. i definitely saw the gaucho, edith, and b bags being big this year like back in december. but now that they're all out, i just don't know.

    but it's interesting hearing everyone's opinions.
  10. Muse
  11. Chanel bowler bag from the luxury line. I think... I would love one :love: *sigh*
  12. Fendi BBag
    Dior Gaucho
    YSL Muse
    Chloe Edith
    Jimmy Choo Ramono (?)
    A lot of mags feature Ferragamo's Gancio Shoulder Bag a few months ago, not sure whether it got really big..
  13. It have to be YSL muse, Fendi B.Bag & Chanel Luxury Line.
  14. I think that while there are a number of bags that are quite popular at the moment (and they've been mentioned above) ,there is not one bag that has grabbed the imagination as much as,say,the Chloe Paddington,the Fendi Spy and the MJ Stam did last year.

    The It Bag pickings are very slim this year.Most of the styles are popular with some people,but no one style is grabbing *everyone*.

    My favourite bag this year is the Muse.

    One has only to look at Net-A-Porter.com. Last year,if they posted up Paddingtons,they were sold out within a couple of hours.

    This year you have a leisurely week or so to decide on any bag you'd like from them.

    I quite like it this way though. Unto each their own.
  15. Muse, any colour!

    I still love the regular Paddy regardless..

    Balenciaga is still IT in my opinion (love B-bags)

    Dior Gaucho and B Fendi (though may not have lasting appeal..)

    Chloe Edith (personally not my cup of tea but nice enough and growing on me).