2006 is the year of speedy, what speedy did you get??

  1. It has come to my attention that LV or MJ loves speedy because so many speedies were made this year .
    Please correct me if I am off base regarding the launch month,colors or sizes

    Late Feb: Speedy Perforated, size 30 color: Fuschia,Orange and Green (LE)

    April : Denim speedy in Fuschia and green

    June : Damier speedy 30 and 25

    End of July/early August: Speedy Nomade

    August: Franged Speedy color: black and white (LE)

    Mid Sept :Speedy Epi Cannelle

    Mid Sept: Mini lin speedy size 30

    November: Damier Azur Speedy size 30 and 25

    December:Miroir speedy 30 Color: Gold and Silver (LE)

    Anyway, what kind of 2006 speedy did you get this year?? some pics would be nice ;)

    I got Damier 30, Mini Lin, Damier Azur 25

  2. I just purchased a mono 30 speedy. Love your speedy collection.
  3. mini lin and damier azur!
  4. I only got azur 25 :sad:
  5. Denim speedy in Fuschia
    Miroir speedy in silver
  6. I only got the mono speedy 25. Looking forward to 2007!
  7. thank you
  8. mono 30 here!
  9. green denim speedy
  10. August : Epi mandarin Speedy 25

    December: miroir silver speedy
  11. Love the Speedies, Nita! ; )

    2006 Speedy Purchases:
    MC Speedy in white
    Graffiti Speedy in silver
    Perforated Speedy in fuchsia
    Damier Speedy 25
    Miroir Speedy in silver
  12. Just the azur 25 for moi :yes:
  13. Damier speedy 30
    Mono speedy 30
  14. Mono Speedy 35.
  15. Pretty speedies!! I only got a toledo blue epi speedy 30. I hope to get a 25 of some kind next year! :biggrin: