2006. How was it for you?


Oct 6, 2006
The year's been pretty big for me.

A job in June.

My SO and I celebrated our 5th year together yesterday- not married, just together.

I met some really cool local bloggers and am developing close friendships with them.

What are some of the moments of 2006 that are most memorable for you?
The year's been pretty big for me.

A job in June.

My SO and I celebrated our 5th year together yesterday- not married, just together.

Wow same here. Got a job in May. Celebrated our 5 years (not married) in Sept.

Overall, it's been a better year then last and things are finally looking up.
Great year here!!

Vlad and I had some ups and downs while he was still in Germany, but he is finally back and we are doing better than ever!! :love: The site has taken off hugely and really is exciting for me! My family is great! And I have gotten really close to some great friends this year!
It wasn't my best year, but it wasn't too bad either.. just lots of dull work really. At least I got my first LV's and a nice ring when I turned 18 so that was pretty memorable, the party was pretty fun too :P

Lets hope 2007 brings lots more fun and happiness :wlae: :drinkup: :party:
tough year to me...just graduated and still looking for a job:s

You have my sympathy!

I think the first 6 months after graduation are the hardest months in a gal's life. You have been focused on being a top student for virtually your whole life and suddenly absolutely no one is interested. Everyone just wants to hear what you can do for THEM.

It's a huge adjustment. You have to completely change the way you relate to the whole world.

Good luck!
Lets see...
I celebrated my first year of marriage.
Recieved my Green Card for the U.S.
Moved away from roomates-YES!!!! haha
Have been able to watch Maya grow. (cute).
annd to top it off I will be spending 11 days soon with my mom + a trip!

So when I look at it like that it seems pretty good. However there have definitely been major ups and downs. :smile:
It's been a very good year...I've been so blessed...

moved to our new house...finally able to quit job and stay at home with kids...celebrated 3 yr. wedding anniv (6 yrs together)...oldest son started kindergarden...went to Vegas (this is big coz I've never been to the States before)...got my first Lv bag this year too...

2007 is going to be even better:yahoo:
The year has been up and down. My father past away unexpectedly last year so it has been a somber and sad year for my family and we miss him very much but on the positive note I will be celebrating a 5 yr anniversary with my bf in about a month and my family seems to be doing a lot better this year even with all of the difficulty. Life can be a struggle but it can also be very joyous. You take the good with the bad! That's Life!!!
It was great!!

me and SO went to Punta Cana, DR and had a great time
leave for vegas next week
came back to my old company, better position and better pay
made one year with my SO on Dec 3
bought my first LV wallet, cles, and speedy
paid off my credit card
finally got my wisdom teeth removed and lost weight in the recovery process
finally joined the purse forum ;)
My year wasn't that bad.

my family is in good health and they're doing great
got a good job with good benefits that I really enjoy
bought my first car on my own, I love it
bf and I are doing wonderfully, we'll celebrate 5 years in February!
my dad and I are doing well with working on our relationship - I think we're closer than we've ever been
got some kick-ass tattoos
finally got smart about money and I'm working hard to pay my credit card off (not much left to go!)

we moved to a crappy, overpriced area and can't wait to move
though I love my job, I barely make enough to pay all of my bills

More Ups than Downs. That's a good thing.
Great thread.

We celebrated our 2-year anniversary in May, and this year our combined income is going to be more than we have ever made together. (Although we still don't feel well off living in San Francisco, where it is very expensive. But we love it here so we're not complaining!)

We paid off a lot of debt and we'll be debt-free by mid-2007. We also plan to buy a house or condo at that point.

My family is doing well and I will see them at the end of the month. I also took a cool trip to Seoul at Thanksgiving.

I also replenished my handbag collection, which I had almost depleted a few years ago when we were broke due to job loss and I sold most of them on eBay. Now I need more storage for them! So things are definitely moving in the right direction.

All in all, I'm very excited for 2007 and I hope things continue the way they have been this year.