2006 fall tan

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  1. has anyone got the 2006 fall in tan color?????
    the swatches of 2006 fall do not show this color ,just got a box in this color today and the leather is matt with almost no veins and soft and smooth.
  2. i think you mean the camel/caramel? i saw that colour Irl it's amazing, very nice leather.
    congrats on your box, pics!!
  3. how do you feel about the camel color? i really want to know im contemplating on getting it in the part time
    pls post pictures
  4. I have the 2006 caramel...it is an awesome color. I love it. I just received it.
  5. I dont have any pics but saw the part time in caramel IRL and it's gorgeous. The only comment I have was the leather was unusually stiff on the one I held. Then again, the leather varies with each bag. But it was matte and smooth. Very minor distressing. NM SFO is where I saw it:smile:

    Uma, congratulations on your box! Love the color! Dont forget to post pics:smile: !
  6. will surely do when i get my camera sorted .the color is gorgeous and it looks like the 2003 caramel .the leather is very soft and buttery not stiff and hardly any veins with matt finish ,i guess it depends on the bag.
    the color goes with everything as i tried it with my wardrobe
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