2006 FALL leather... opinions please!

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  1. Hi, I haven't gotten to see any 2006 FALL collection leather, can anyone tell me how the leather is? if you have photos please post them too.

    THANK YOU :wlae:
  2. I think it depends pretty much. My RV is from fall 06 and it's soft and relatively thick, smouchy with very few veins and pretty matte.

    My camel has very thick leather but was and still is pretty dry. But it gets better every day and I think it will age beautifully.

    I've seen black and and truffe citys IRL which were like my RV.
    But I've also seen very dry and veiny truffe firsts.

    The sapin day I saw the other day had amazing leather thick, soft etc...all in one.

    So I think it depends a lot!

  3. oh Catcat.. that's sooo pretty, thanks for sharing!
  4. I think much better than spring '06. My ink is beautiful but the leather on all of my winter '06 is thicker, less veiny. My white is really thick, almost like '05. So is my Rouge. My Greige is a little thinner, but still beautiful. my black is not veiny at all and the leather is thicker than ink. They had just gotten in a lot of blacks, and the SA said that she and the manager went through every black bag there to choose, because it was made clear that if it wasn't thick and not veiny it would be returned. :P
  5. I haven't been into B-bags for all that long but I thought it was interesting what one of the guys at Aloharag told me. I was asking about a black city and he kind of discouraged me from buying his remaining stock because he said they were very distressed. I think even though leather apparently can differ from season to season, it can also vary alot from bag to bag. Would you ladies who have been into B-bags for a while agree?

    Also, when I was at the store looking at them in Chicago, I noticed very large variations in the same color.

  6. i actually emailed aloharag yesterday and got a reply about the their black city. They said it was very veiny and distressed... maybe it's varies... but def you guys think it's thicker and better than the S/S 06 line right?
  7. I have noticed that the rose (light light pink) leather was very smooshy and thick but then there's that issue with the lighter color - the ink was very very thirsty as is my new truffle first. Once I massaged the apple CONDITIONER with my warm hands for awhile - it softened and I think stretched a little too. This leather will take awhile but the color of the truffle is penetrated through and through (if ya know what I mean) -
  8. I just bought a First Marron (my first b-bag!) from the Bal store in NY. Kim had shown me one example of all the colors I was looking at, and I was very happy with the Marron I chose. When I got it home, I noticed there was a small tear in the leather right by a seam on the bottom, so I took it back for an exchange. No problem.

    Now here's the important part -- Kim brought out a bag, definitely a First, definitely Marron, but it looked completely different. Whereas the bag I had chosen was less distressed (I didn't know it at the time because I saw only one and didn't have anything to compare it to), the new bag Kim brought out was HIGHLY distressed. And I didn't like it as much (in fact, not at all -- I wouldn't have bought it)! So she brought out ALL the Firsts in Marron so I could choose and there was one very similar to the one I was returning. The rest were highly distressed.

    I realize that I'm one of those people who likes a little distress, but not over the top crazy distress. It's all a matter of personal taste. The stores have the full range, so it's best to talk to a SA or e-mail a photo of the level of distress you want/will accept, rather than leave it up to chance. And the SAs are so good that they really do want you to be happy with your bag. I've read in posts that Joseph in NY is also very good about matching a bag's distress level to what the client wants.

    So, getting to the question -- my Marron First has gorgeous leather...supple, not dry, slouchy in all the right places, just enough distress to amplify the character of the bag but not so much that it's shocking.

    I wish I had a digital camera so I could show instead of tell!

    Kim said the leather they're using now is pretty much what they were using in 05.
  9. The fall 06 rouge vif and black I have have great leather - much better than the blueberry - thicker, smoother and shiny, a little distressed but not veiny.
  10. i'm thinking the fall 06 leather is thicker... eeekk ^_^ i want one!!
  11. I like the fall leather a lot even better than the leather on my 05 magenta it's so much thicker, softer and smooshier. I just love it and it gets better with use.
  12. my black city from fall 06 is much thicker than the lilac city from spring 06. however, i still love the lilac 06 city as i find it to be lighter to carry:smile: