2006 Cognac vs Truffle Works--Which is better?

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  1. Hi, I have the opportunity to purchase either a Truffle Work (not sure whether 2006 or 2007) or a 2006 Cognac Work. I've never seen either leather (at all!) IRL but have looked at lots of photos on tPF.

    Which do people prefer and think is the best neutral color?

    Thanks much!!!
  2. i love Truffle 07..
  3. 06 Cognac! One of my favorite Bal neutrals. I love that color.
  4. cognac, it's my most used bag. goes w/ everything
  5. cognac!!!!!
  6. i prefer cognac.
  7. Cognac Ladies,

    Why do you prefer Cognac over Truffle?

    I need to amend my question to add "why" do you prefer it.
  8. Jenny, I love both colors with a slight edge to the cognac. I almost purchased a weekender in this color and now I'm upset I passed. I love the color - it's the perfect neutral color - like caramel but much warmer. :heart: It's a great medium brown color. In terms of dark brown: I really prefer Mogano over Truffle - it's deeper and warmer. I'm sure with some searching you could track down a Mogano work in the next few months if you wanted a darker colored brown.
    Cognac is really a beautiful color though!

  9. Hi Jenny,

    I have an 06 congac work and its gorgeous. I personally think a lighter brown/tan colour goes with more things. I've posted some pics below:smile:

    Attached Files:

  10. Beaux, I guess I never thought of Truffle as dark brown; I thought Truffle was a medium brown. I've never see it IRL. I actually already ADORE Mogano as well as Cafe--love the dark Browns. I have a Brief in Mogano and Cafe and know where I can purchase a Mogano Work. But I've been looking for a a medium brown larger bag, like a Work or a Brief. Sounds like Cognac may fit the bill, and that Truffle might be too dark.

  11. ^^Go Cognac - it sounds like it would be perfect! :flowers:
  12. Cognac!! I love that color!! It's a great neutral and a beautiful warm shade of brown!!
  13. J, here's a photo of truffle just to see how dark it is:


    (ink on the left, truffle on the right)
  14. Beaux,

    Is that the photo from amacasa looking for her Black Weekender Part 2? If so, that Brown WE on the right turned out to be CAFE, not Truffle, nor Mogano; Truffle is much lighter than that I believe.

  15. ^^Oh wow - sorry I missed that! (I thought it was realllly dark!)

    I still vote cognac though (vs. truffle) :flowers: