2006 Coach Legacy - Where the Brass Sits on the Bag

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  1. Lots of posts on cleaning bags but is there anything to remove the dark marks on the Legacy Collection bags - where the brass rings sit on the leather when stored - like on the Leighs? Specifically the medium colored bags like walnut, whiskey and natural?

  2. Nope, have not found anything to fix it or resolve it. I have a few that have that problem (whiskey, walnut and you can see it a bit on my black as well).
  3. Check the rehab thread, I think that Kate V posted some info on that. The basic idea is mixing vinegar and baking soda to create a paste to counter act the verdegris spots left on the leather from the brass. Thing is, the Vachetta Legacy leather may not tolerate the paste. I would do an Apple conditioning for sure and look into the other method with caution.
  4. Yes, this was for the black resting mark. The whole verdigris issue with the legacy bags p*sses me off. I wish sellers would disclose it. I bought a bag to replace one I sold. Put it on my shelf and pulled it out recently and found all the stuff I did not know about way back then.