2006 City

  1. Gals,

    Do the 2006 City no longer have the long messanger strap as an option? I went to NM yesterday and noticed the hooks on the side were not there.
  2. They should! I have it on my ink city. Maybe you were looking at the Work? Or maybe they just unhooked the straps for display (check if there's a ring on the sides where the straps usually hook on)
  3. Are you sure it was the City and the not the Purse?
  4. they should be! maybe it was put inside the bag?
  5. Nope, it should defintely have the loops - my S/S 06 City has them, and when I checked the fall stock, the styles hadn't changed! You may have been looking at the Work instead if there were no side hooks.
  6. Are you sure it wasn't the "Purse"?