2006 Christmas Accessories

  1. Enjoy!

    My Favorite the the red cell holder & the cluster of pearl necklace.
    xmas1.jpg xmas2.jpg xmas3.jpg xmas4.jpg xmas5.jpg
  2. more....
    xmas6.jpg xmas7.jpg xmas8.jpg xmas9.jpg xmas10.jpg
  3. lastly...
    xmas11.jpg xmas12.jpg xmas13.jpg xmas14.jpg
  4. Do u know when the phyton bag is coming out?
  5. Hi, thanks for posting. Does it show how much the platform slingbacks are in pic 12? Love them!
  6. Was just looking at these on the Chanel website yesterday morning. Everything is beautiful.
  7. Wow, thanks for sharing...
  8. Thanks for sharing. Does anyone have one of the chanel scarves?
  9. oooh! Thanks for sharing! Love that python bag and in the later pics the white and the black wallet. Gotta go check it out in the stores during the holidays!
  10. LOVE everything in pic 12!!!
  11. Thanks for taking the time to post these! I am in big trouble!
  12. Is this the cruise line?
  13. I tried that long, silk scarf in the store. The one with the white, pink and blue. I liked it, but passed on it. It just didn't say "Chanel" to me. Even though it was written all over the scarf!
  14. I saw these on the site yesterday. The red shoes and cell holder are gorgeous. I also love the umbrella with the big crystal on it.
  15. Everything is gorgeous!

    Does anyone know what is the colour of the reissue in the pics? Doesn't look anything like the dark silver at all.. :confused1: