2006 Chanel Sunglasses for $100 less?

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  1. It's hard to tell if sunglasses are fake on Ebay. Goodluck!
  2. i'm gonna say that they're probably not real, since he apparently has 'wholesale lots' available and only one stock photo. if it was a bag, we'd say it was fake.
  3. yes, I'm not sure about the photo....maybe ask the seller for other photoes...
  4. Definitely ask the seller for more photos. I think for authentic sunglasses on eBay, they tend to be closer to the original retail price.
  5. It's hard to tell. I found that sunglasses, either used or brand new, are sold at amazingly low prices, even for those that look authentic. So cannot judge the authenticity by their prices. I wanted sell a few of mine, but it's just not worth it on ebay.
  6. yeah...im iffy about the one pic too
  7. he also has for auction "boxes" with gifts worth $ 20-30k which may include authentic chanel, gucci , dior sunglasses. come on:suspiciou
  8. You ladies are so right. I guess if I insist on having Chanel sunglasses I should shell out for them.

    I have this streak of cheapness, inherited from dad.
  9. good luck on your quest for chanel sunnies!!!! i'm sure you'll find the right pair!
  10. You are right to wait and get them at a store. Your so close to the retail on those its not worth taking a chance.
    Also you get an excuse to look around Chanel! :smile:
  11. Alright, I bought them at Nordstrom today!
  12. Yea!!!!!! Congrats! Post some pics girl especially of you wearing them!!:nuts:
  13. Congrats!! Please post some pictures, I like them a lot
  14. congrats! finding a pair of fab sunglasses for the summer is a must!