2006 Bordeaux??? Help!

  1. I was at Saks today and I saw the bowling bag in a wine color. I looked at the tag inside with the price on it and it said "bordeaux"!! So, I say to the SA,"wasn't bordeaux a 2005 color?" And she said, "no, no, we just got this bag in," "they brought this color back just in this style." I was shocked because I didn't think balenciaga did that :shrugs: . I loooved the color, but she said they didn't bring it back for the First. I didn't have enough balenciaga knowledge to question her further. So, I will ask you all (the experts, since you probably know more than most SAs).

    Does balenciaga ever bring back colors for selected styles only?
    Who creates the price tag... Balenciaga or Saks?
    Could Saks be wrong and the color is really Grenat? (oh, pretty please say yes, because I love it :love: and I want to buy the color in First! :girlsigh: ) . I was sooo tempted to buy the bowling bag because it is very nice, but it just didn't look right on me :sad:. Either way, I am probably going to purchase a Grenat First. I am just so anxious to know what the color looks like! Please help!

    (I apologize for any grammar errors :angel: )
  2. I bet Saks has it wrong and it's Grenat. I remember Saks calling a Grenat Chloe bag "Bordeaux". The Bowler/Mini definitely does come in Grenat. Did it look just like this?
    grenat bowler.jpg
  3. Hi bagfreak2. As far as I know, once a color has been discontinued, it is not brought back. However, Balenciaga has been known to come out with very similar variations of older colors. The grenat (also called oxblood) indeed looks nearly identical to bordeaux. Please refer to this thread for a picture of Pupsterpurse's first.


    Good luck and hope you find your grenat first! :flowers:
  4. saks are always messed up with what they like to call their colours... don't listen to them
  5. yeppers, the girls are right, the color's called "grenat" (a.k.a. "oxblood") & it's very similiar to the '05 bordeaux :yes:...i've included photos of my '05 bordeaux first & my '06 grenat city...and the SA was wrong, the grenat definitely comes in the first :tender:
    DSCF2727 REV2.jpg BORDEAUX BAG 1.jpg
  6. Yes, you ladies rock!! Glimmer, the color is very similar to the picture you provided. However, maybe it's the lighting in pictures, because in real life I didn't see as much red/brown in the bag that I always see in pictures. The saks and neiman marcus stores here didn't order the first in grenat so I was a little hesitant to purchase a bag without actually seeing it. Now, that I've at least seen the color, I feel a little more comfortable about ordering it. Thanks for the pictures and responses!
  7. lol! I had nearly the same conversation with an SA from NM back in the beginning of July. They are calling the new Grenat "Bordeaux" and they said they weren't ordering them in the First size. The SAs are generally pretty clueless. From what I've been told, Balenciaga doesn't provide them with any kind of "training manual" in regards to colors, reading the tags, etc. So, they kind of make up their own system and colors most of the time. lol.
  8. OMG, that's what they need Pupster-girl, a training manual!!! :roflmfao:
  9. Pupsterpurse, I am sooo reassured to read this! The SA was trying her best to convince me to purchase a black first instead. Black is classic and I DEFINATELY do want to purchase a black bag one day, but knowing that I can always get it, makes me want to jump on the colors that are limited, you know. I know it's their job, but when i am spending $1000s for a bag, I want exactly what I'm looking for ! Lately, I feel like I have to do my own work as if I am my own SA (or balenciaga detective) when I go to a balenciaga authorized retailer. Anyways, thanks again for all your help. Aaallabama, your grenat city looks amazing (the color I had in mind actually) :wlae: :yahoo: . Take care everyone!
  10. Exactly!!!:yes: I was speaking to one of the store managers at another store and she agreed that they needed to ask Balenciaga for more info when they get their bags. She said the buyer just supplies them with the bags and that's it. They have to figure it out from there. She said most SAs are receptive to learning from customers, but unfortunately, that's not always the case as we've seen here(your awful experience with Jennifer at barneys).:sad:

    Bagfreak2--I'm totally like you! I have the Black City and Classique on my wishlist, but I want to get the pretty colors first since they are limited. :heart: You definitely have to do your own work and research before going into a store. I've found that the SAs aren't really of any help except for bringing out more bags out of the back for you so you can choose the one you like best. lol.
  11. lol, Pupsterpurse you are so right! I have even thought that some SA's are being fishy and they didn't bring out all the bags. I was veryy close to asking if I could go back there myself :angel: :girlsigh: !
  12. SAs definately need to learn about what they sell.

    I actually ran into a SA at Barney's that had no idea what the different styles were called.

    i.e. (me trying on a City) "This is the City size, right?"
    Clueless SA: :huh: :wondering
    Then she went to get a piece of paper that listed the pictures/styles and colors. :lol:
  13. OMG, where do they find these people?!?! :noggin:
  14. the nordstrom up in sacramento just started carrying balenciaga so the SAs are still just figuring it out. they also call grenat "bordeaux".

    i love nordstrom to death though and the SAs there have been nothing but great to me, so i don't mind.
  15. Sort of off topic, but I want to send some :heart: to the Nordstrom SA's: they try the hardest, and are the most accomodating and polite in retail. Once they get up to speed with Balenciaga, I bet they will be one of the more popular spots in CA to order from.