2006 Black Legacy

  1. Besides eBay, where do you think i can find one? I am worried that on eBay it will be damaged or fake.... and I really like my pond 2006 legacy and am thinking i would like it in black for when i dont want to use the Lily because of size. Any ideas? TIA !
  2. I know you are leery of buying on eBay but this seller, ellareese, has a black legacy shoulder for sale. She is AWESOME - I bought a 2006 legacy hippie from her and it is BEAUTIFUL. I would definitely check her out - and her stuff is absolutely authentic!! I was looking at the bag myself - but got the new shoulder bag in Clay instead.
  3. Wow, thanks! I will go check her out -

    Love the clay - have fun w/ that one!
  4. I would go for that one from ellareese! I have never bought from her myself, but I almost did! She has a good rep w/ebay and has all authentic items!
  5. oops, i should add that i am looking for the black legacy satchel - sorry...
    i will keep my eyes open on ellareese though - great selection - thanks again !
  6. I just called coach today regarding 06 Legacy shoulder bags...they have only ONE black leather in stock! I'd stick with ebay just make sure its a reputable dealer and have the girls verify authenticy on the "authenticate this" thread. I'm on a hunt for another 06 shoulder too! Only I'm wanting sig. I can't decide between khaki/black or khaki/gold....
  7. Take a look through the purseboard on ebay - someone in the last few days just asked about authentic Coach sellers and a boardie listed a whole slew of them - ellareese is one of them. I haven't bought a lot of Coach so I can only say that my experience with her was great - don't know about the others!