2005 Turquoise Classique on ebay!!!! :)

  1. That is pretty!
  2. OHH...another pretty blue!! Good luck girls~
  3. Oooh!!! Stunning colour!
  4. OMG, OMG, OMG, my girl BooYah has been looking for an '05 turquoise :tender:
  5. gorgeous... what does it mean to have pre-approved bidders only? you have to ask to be able to bid, I am guessing. thats a good way to weed out deadbeat buyers!
  6. WOW .... the seller has already ended the auction !? It's probably sold :wtf: ?
  7. handles looked kind of dark, no?
  8. Well, it doesn't matter because it's no longer available for sale. Congrats to the new owner!
  9. That seller is awesome! I bought my orange from her ;) I wonder what else she has hidden away!
  10. did it sell? she could be relisting with a BIN. i didn't think this seller ended auctions early.
  11. Ach! That is GORGEOUS!
  12. helen is going to flip
  13. I was sooooo hoping she got it:tender:
  14. Did anyone here get it???