2005 Turquoise City is again on ebay!!!

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  1. I know.. it's been around the world.:lol:
  2. I hope it finds a permanent home this time !
  3. Watching it :shame: That bag has been everywhere :lol: Such a pretty color.
  4. i love it as well...Cristina I think you should adopt her;) *patiently waiting for a turquoise classique or twiggy*;) :shame:
  5. I want it so bad.. but its too $$$$ for me. :sad:
  6. I am also still trying to find a city ( 04 or 05) in any one of the blue colors or possibly one of the greens...
  7. Is this the same bag? The color is gorgeous...I thought when it was posted before it was more of a blue?
  8. Thanks Sweetie for this thread .... this color looks great ! I had the classique first with this color .... but I'm totally in love with my turquoise '04 city, you know ;):love: !
  9. I'd get the darn bag if I were living in the U.S.
  10. heheh ohhh... the poor baby. =D. i hope it finds a good home..
  11. That was my bag:sad:
  12. I want it!!! But I just spent wayyyy too much on the pewter City and had to pay shipping from overseas!
  13. Where is HelenNZ? I think she wants one; right?
  14. is this the same bag? Ohh poor bag... I LOVE it, but it's more worn than I want for that price, tassels cut short and no extras... Hmm... Wait, didn't somebody said that we could order tassels from BalNY??