2005 teal city!!

  1. ^^ Beautiful!
  2. Isn't it?? color's so vibrant!!

    but.. i love your rainbow better... I wish I had a rainbow of bbags... *dreaming*
  3. i think this is teal, not turquoise... still gorgeous :love:
  4. gorgeous bag. Also I love let-trade, I have purchased 4 bbags from them, honest sellers.
  5. It's definitely not Turquoise- I second Teal- but looks to be in great condition!
  6. Yup, it's teal but still gorgeous. I have been eyeing that bag for the past 2 days. So soooooo tempting!

    But I must behave...
  7. sorry girls... i thought it was turq... honest mistake!! :p hope someone buys it!
  8. Thanks tina. :heart:

    Did someone grab it? I love it.
  9. By they way, they might be able to work with you on the price. I emailed them when it first went up and instead of a price they had an "enquiry" button. The price they quoted me was $1199 if paid by wire transfer and $1299 if paid by PayPal, shipped.

    Good luck gals. It's droolworthy :heart:.
  10. Wow, great price. Especially for an 05 teal in great condition! :love:

    Let-Trade also does payment plans. :graucho: I have done a payment plan on a bag before with them and it worked out wonderfully.

  11. They do def work on prices, which i LOVE :heart:. If you inquire they'll always give a better price..

    I'm also on a payment plan right now :p it's comming home soon! hehe.:woohoo:
  12. The teal city is now shown as being sold. WHO GOT IT? Any lucky tPFers?