2005 Stam Hardware

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  1. I just received a 2005 Taupe Stam - Icy Leather. It was authenticated before I purchased, so I felt pretty confident and comfortable with my purchase. I opened the package when I got home today and it just looks different than my other Stam bags. Not outrageously so, just a bit. The hardware is not shiny, but a darker brass and the chain seems a lot lighter than my others. I think it's the chain that is throwing me. The bag is also a lot lighter than the newer Stams. Is this normal? I have never seen a 2005 original Stam IRL, until now, and I guess I don't know what it's supposed to look and feel like.
  2. From what I've picked up hanging out in this forum, the 2005 HW is a lot more Antique looking. Although Ive never seen one IRL. Where are the experts to back me up on this? :search:
  3. if you look back at my post about my Petrol stam, you'll see I said the same things -- to begin with, 2005 stams have brass hardware, not gold. so it will look a little different -- the bags are most definitely lighter than newer (current) ones -- I think it's because it's Nappa leather & not calf leather. The handles are 2005 stams aren't was wide/fat as the current ones are -- try it out. Hold a new stam in one hand and the taupe in the other -- you'll see what I mean. The handles are also a little longer & can fit on the shoulder more comfortably than newer stams

    I love my Petrol stam for all of these reasons -- not to mention, the leather is so wonderfully soft and squishy -- if the kisslock stayed closed the bag would be flawless!

    congrats on your taupe stam -- let's see pics!
  4. I will post pics soon. The leather is really shiny and different than the other quilted Stams. Much smooshier, too. I really like it.

    As for the kisslock....I haven't worn the bag with stuff in it. I can't tell if it will stay closed. I did see that when the bag was closed, it kind of was loose and had a slight gap to it. So, what I did is this: I kind of pushed the frames apart (to the , opposite ways) just a little and now it closes really tightly. We'll see how it works out when I fill it and carry it, but it's already much better.

    Okay, now I MUST have a Icy Petrol Stam!
  5. Here are pics....
    smalltaupe3.JPG smalltaupe2.JPG smalltaupe4.JPG smalltaupe1.JPG
  6. I'm not sure I follow you. How did you push the frame? I usually just push mine together really tight when I close it, and that sometimes help, but there's always a small gap -- my bag's never popped open on me, but that's because I've never carried it on my shoulder with the chain -- that's when it will happen (because of the way the chain is positioned and connects to the bag AND the lack of notch on the kisslock). If you carry the bag by the handles (either in your hand or on your arm) it shouldn't pop open. Even when I carried the bag on my shoulder by the handles, it didn't pop open.
  7. What I did was this:......When the bag is open, take your hands and kind of push one side one way and the other the other way...just make sure you are pushing as if the kiss locks are coming closer together, not apart. That way, when the kiss lock closes, it's almost as if it has to hook over each other, do you know what I mean?? You don't want to push too much or the frame will be off kilter, but if you do it a little, it will make the closure tighter. I did this and my Stam did not pop open, at all and I was carrying it by the chain and it had quite a bit of stuff in it. Also, I even had it hanging from the back of the chair (when we were out) from the chain and it did not pop open. I had another Stam that this happened to and I did the same thing. It was loose when it closed and I just adjusted the frame a bit and it worked like a charm.