2005 rouge twiggy needs good home!!!

  1. Sorry, that's "PF'r". Jeez, can't type today!:shame:

    Who wants to donate money to the 'Buy Lin a new twiggy' fund :biggrin:
  3. It's gorgeous!!! I just love :heart: '05 Rouge!!! But I don't think Twiggies are my style:cry:

    Now if it were only a '05 Rouge City. yowza!:love:
  4. This one is mine...it is the second go around for me, after I had a fiasco with a non-paying bidder, so send me some good vibes, ladies!
  5. its gooorgeous! :smile:
  6. You should try it; you may be pleasently surprised!

    My first b-bag was a cornflower city. It just did not look or feel right on me. Same as the first. I was going to swear off b-bags until I came across the Twiggy. I love that I can wear it with the shoulder strap. It really is a great bag. :love:
  7. Wowwww it's soo gorgeous :love: Somebody snap this up quick, please!!! What a beauty!!! I think that's one of my favourite Balenciaga colours :yes:

  8. Oh I LOOOOOOOOVE the red bags !!! I also have the '03 red Twiggy ... ! GOOD LUCK for your sale tln :yes: :love:
  9. That is such a beautiful color! Good luck with the sale tln!
  10. Well, that did not turn out the way I had hoped! :cry:
  11. What happened, tln? Did someone buy it? Was it a PFer?
  12. Oh no! What is going on???
  13. I have an 05 twiggy and I love it!!!
  14. What happened???? Bad bidder?
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